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Protective facing panels for David Turnbull Music School

Project: David Turnbull Music School

Location: Solihull

Product: Axis Patterned Aluminium Sheets

Finish: Matt (Anodised)

Specifier: Malcolm Payne Group

Project Background

Solihull School opened the doors of the David Turnbull Music School in Spring 2010. The £3 million self-contained building on the Warwick Road campus offers pupils one of the most comprehensively equipped and technologically advanced music facilities in the region.

As a result, the independent school’s capacity has increased to involve many more of its 1,000 pupils in learning, practising and performing music.

Patterned aluminium
Axis Patterned Aluminium sheets – Protective Facing Panels

Lead specifiers, Malcolm Payne Group (Birmingham) provided architectural excellence in the creation of the integrated music centre for teaching, study and performance. The David Turnbull Music School – named after a former head of music at Solihull School – includes a spacious 100-seat recital room and a recording studio with direct audio and video links to the main performance spaces.

The practice, teaching and ensemble rooms are grouped around a central atrium, together with a computer suite designed to encourage a new generation of young composers.

Project Solutions

Gooding Aluminium’s Axis patterned sheets have received a chorus of approval since being utilised as decorative and protective facing panels to the recital room entrance doors at the school.

Patterned aluminium sheet

The clean cut lines of the matt anodised Axis pattern deliver a crisp contemporary look and by minimising undesirable reflections, deliver high levels of optical performance.

Axis patterned aluminium sheet

Patterned aluminium sheets are available from GA in a wide selection of patterns and finishes.

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About Patterned Aluminium Sheet

You can read more about the desirable performance characteristics and qualities of patterned aluminium sheet in our news blog article:

Aluminium Awareness information:

Key Facts:

• Aluminium is great for incorporating into environmentally sensitive applications, such as this one.
• Environmentally friendly aluminium is the only recyclable material that more than pays for it’s own re-cycling costs!
• Re-cycling aluminium into new forms only requires 5% of the energy that originally produced it.
• All manufactured aluminium is effectively a stored energy bank for future generations.
• Aluminium is only 1/3rd the weight of steel.
• Aluminium’s surface has a self generating and repairing oxide coating which makes it corrosion resistant and therefore less expensive to maintain than steel and other corrodible metals.

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Impressive Impressional Aluminium Sheet chosen for Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6 is the latest in a line of American Street Racing Action Films and is, in part, being made here in the UK.

Our Impressional Aluminium Patterned sheeting is playing a major role as an interior wall cladding backdrop in some of the scenes for this eagerly anticipated 6th film in the series.

Impressional Aluminium Sheet in Mill Finish - Office Reception in Carlisle Street, London W1

With over 600 square metres of this edgy aluminium pattern you’re sure to see this distinctive domed circular pattern sharing the limelight with leading actor Vin Diesel when the film is released later in the year.

Aluminium is often selected as a set background for films with high tech / futuristic themes.

Mission Impossible, Event Horizon and James Bond’s The World is Not Enough are just 3 of the films Gooding Aluminium have previously supplied aluminium patterned sheet for.

Impressional sheets are available in mill, anodised and powder coated finishes. These tactile aluminium panels can either be supplied in standard sizes or with dimensions to suit individual requirements.

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Kick Plates with a Difference!

When talking of kick plates in an architectural sense what do you think of? Most would probably identify with the Oxford Dictionary’s definition, ‘a metal plate at the base of a door or panel to protect it from damage or wear’.

The answer is technically correct but kick plates can be and are so much more than this! Things have moved on since the O.D.’s definition was written!

Kick Plates
Kick Plates: Pattern GA IMSQS101

When considering door and surface protection solutions, kick plates, in today’s commercial and public interiors, are considered as just part of an overall whole.

Surface protection in buildings has become integral with the design plan. Accordingly colours and patterns for such applications are co-ordinated with the rest of the interior décor, fixtures, fittings etc.

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Patterned Aluminium Sheet: Resistance to Surface Marking

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It is widely accepted that surface patterns and textures assist in disguising minor surface abrasions such as indentations, scratches and other undesirable markings.

With plain surfaces it seems that no matter how large the area and how small the damage, the eye will register the offending mark and return to the exact same spot time and time again. How annoying is that first scratch on the newly acquired glass table!

Patterned Aluminium Sheet
Fitness First Leisure Centre

Fortunately there is a wide range of patterned aluminium sheet that help to conceal undesirable surface markings.

However the question of surface marking is highly subjective, with ‘beauty being in the eye of the beholder’ etc. I therefore decided to commission some independent testing to establish a scientific basis for these claims. Ceram Research carried out the laboratory analysis on our behalf.

Full test results for this research will be uploaded onto our website in due course. In the meantime I would like to share a sample of these findings with you.

Vertex (VXM) Mill Finish
Vertex (VXM) Mill Finish

GA Vertex sheet (a small pyramidal pattern) was tested in both mill and anodised finishes and was compared with a reference sample of plain mill finish sheet.

Briefly, the test method involved using P40 grade (rough grit) emery paper and this was attached to lead weights and a mechanical device pulled the emery paper along the aluminium surfaces.

Only 1 pass of the emery paper was required to produce a noticeable difference to the surface of the plain mill finish sheet. Significantly a minimum of 40 passes were required in both mill and anodised finishes of the Vertex pattern to produce a similar effect.

Vertex (VXS21) Anodised Finish
Vertex (VXS21) Anodised Finish

In culinary terms ‘the proof is in the eating’ and in metallic terms ‘the proof is in the testing’. Ceram’s testing has established beyond reasonable doubt just how effective aluminium patterns and textures can be in disguising surface damage.

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