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Kick Plates with a Difference!

When talking of kick plates in an architectural sense what do you think of? Most would probably identify with the Oxford Dictionary’s definition, ‘a metal plate at the base of a door or panel to protect it from damage or wear’.

The answer is technically correct but kick plates can be and are so much more than this! Things have moved on since the O.D.’s definition was written!

Kick Plates
Kick Plates: Pattern GA IMSQS101

When considering door and surface protection solutions, kick plates, in today’s commercial and public interiors, are considered as just part of an overall whole.

Surface protection in buildings has become integral with the design plan. Accordingly colours and patterns for such applications are co-ordinated with the rest of the interior décor, fixtures, fittings etc.

Using hi tech software Gooding Aluminium produces a wide selection of bespoke door and wall panels in exciting shapes and surface patterns to provide a ‘wow’ factor as well as much needed protection to vulnerable surfaces.

You can select from a diverse range of flat, embossed and raised surfaces. Our patterned aluminium sheet stocks include simple geometric shapes, pyramids and linear designs.

Door Protection
Door Protection: Pattern VXM21

Apart from adding visual interest to any scheme, patterned and textured surfaces, with their superior impact resistance and ability to mask scratches and blemishes, are the first choice for many vertical surfacing applications.

Kick Plates
Kick Plates: Pattern GA IMM101:

It’s easy to understand why aluminium is repeatedly being chosen as the favoured material for many surface protection projects. This incredible metal is durable, easy maintenance, environmentally sustainable, hygienic, lightweight, and available in a variety of colours, finishes and patterns. Why would you choose anything else!

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