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Bespoke interior wall cladding in corrugated aluminium sheet

Our modern 5 Star Processing Service accurately and rapidly fabricates Aluminium Wall Cladding for interior applications. These ubiquitous items have many different uses and are utilised in a wide variety of applications.

Corrugated Aluminium Sheet

If you are looking for inspiration for interior wall cladding panels, choose from our diverse range of corrugated aluminium sheets that can be supplied in anodised, mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes. We have a wonderfully diverse range of high quality aluminium sheet products available for your selection.

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Aluminium Corrugated Perforated Sheet
corrugated perforated aluminium sheet
6.0mm Profile Height
2450 x 554 c/w x 1.0mm
perforated corrugated sheet
8.0mm Profile Height
2450 x 500 c/w x 1.0mm
perforated corrugated aluminium
6.0mm Profile Height
2450 x 495 c/w x 1.0mm
corrugated sheet perforated aluminium
5.0mm Profile Height
2450 x 574 c/w x 1.0mm
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Corrugated Aluminium Sheet – Case Study – Burger King

Project: Burger King 20/20 Energy Efficient Restaurants

Location: Worldwide Burger King Restaurants

Product: GA Anolight (Aluminium) Corrugated Sheets

Specifier: Hurstwood Design Group

Client: Burger King

Project Brief

A core objective of the Burger King 20/20 Energy Efficient Restaurant concept was to create a contemporary, edgy, futuristic look for the Burger King restaurant dining experience.  The eco-friendly designs utilise state-of-the-art technologies and renewable energy to power one-third of the restaurant’s energy consumption, in an effort to reduce energy consumption costs and CO2 emissions every year.

corrugated aluminium sheet
Anolight Aluminium Corrugated Sheet – Burger King

Gooding Aluminium’s GA anolight corrugated aluminium sheet plays an integral role in supporting Burger King’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility programme: creating modern design that meets energy efficient elements.

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