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Illuminating your reception area with Aluminium Desk Fascias

The first thing clients and potential customers see when they walk in the building is the reception area. This is your opportunity is to make an amazing first impression. GA shows how you can use Aluminium Desk Fascias to make your business reception area shine!

Aluminium reception desk fascias

You can carefully design your reception area to be functional, professional and stylish. Various design elements such as colour, materials, layout and branding can make a statement about the culture and values of your company.   Ensure that your reception area creates the perfect impression by taking the time to thoroughly plan each detail of this important aspect of your office space.

When it comes to appearances, aluminium can certainly be finished in style with a number of different effects.  Also, depending on the application, aluminium is often used in its natural state.

For many uses aluminium looks great in mill or anodised finish. There are occasions however when a colourful alternative may be required and that’s where GA’s ‘Spectra Bond’ powder coating (available in RAL colours) comes into its own.

Anodised aluminium provides an attractive matt metallic easy to maintain effect that will normally last for many years. The anodic film is extremely durable, corrosion resistant and light-fast. The anodising process interacts with the surface of the aluminium. For this reason it is important that a suitable aluminium alloy is selected, together with the surface finish being in good condition.

For inspiration check out our reception desk fascias area.

Reception Desk Videos:

RD 1

RD1 Double Folded Trays with GA Ver T Fix System

RD 2

RD2 Double Folded Trays with GA Ver T Fix and Shadow Gaps

RD 3

RD3 Single Folded Trays with GA Panel-Fix

RD 4

RD4 Panels with GA Posi-Grip Instant Access Framing

RD 5

RD5 Panels with GA Posi-Grip Instant Access Framing and Spacers.

Made to Measure Panels.  It’s so easy, provide the checklist information and we’ll deliver to site ready for fixing.

  • Factory made panels to your dimensions
  • Choice of perforated, plain and patterned designs
  • Select from anodised, powder coated, satin brushed and mill finishes
  • Any number of panels
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