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Aluminium cladding panels with secret fixings

At Gooding Aluminium, our range of decorative cladding panels has been developed with the adage in mind that ‘you’ve only got one chance to make a first impression’. The many desirable design properties of aluminium alloy, including its appearance and its lightweight to strength ratio, makes the material suitable for a varied selection of interior and external applications.

Our superior processing service accurately and rapidly fabricates Aluminium Counter & Desk Panels to meet your bespoke specification.

Choose from our diverse range of aluminium sheets that can be supplied in anodised, mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

aluminium wall cladding

Significant advances have been made in recent years with processing technologies, thereby increasing expectations of improved products and surface finishes at lower cost. For your preferred material, you can choose from our diverse range of perforated and plain aluminium sheets.



Alternative surface finishes are normally available, and these are, anodised, mill (untreated), and powder coated (RAL colours). Take a look at some examples of where these products have been used to do just that. Please note that full credit for these inspirational applications must however be attributed to the architects and designers responsible for the often innovative and creative ways in which GA’s aluminium products have been incorporated within the overall conceptual plan.

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Aluminium Wall Cladding with secret fixings – video

Interior Aluminium Wall Cladding – WC4 Panels with GA Posi-Grip Framing with pressure engagement system.

Our modern 5 Star Processing Service accurately and rapidly fabricates Aluminium Wall Cladding to meet your precise specification.

Gooding Aluminium provide made to measure panels, once you provide us with the checklist information we’ll deliver it to site ready for fixing.

See the installation video below:


The full range of GA’s sheet patterns are available to meet design needs. All panels can be supplied in either perforated, plain or a patterned design.

aluminium Wall cladding

Getting quotes for Aluminium Wall Cladding is so easy!

Select the required component package, enter the specification details into the email template and we’ll do the rest!

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