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Impressive Impressional Aluminium Sheet chosen for Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6 is the latest in a line of American Street Racing Action Films and is, in part, being made here in the UK.

Our Impressional Aluminium Patterned sheeting is playing a major role as an interior wall cladding backdrop in some of the scenes for this eagerly anticipated 6th film in the series.

Impressional Aluminium Sheet in Mill Finish - Office Reception in Carlisle Street, London W1

With over 600 square metres of this edgy aluminium pattern you’re sure to see this distinctive domed circular pattern sharing the limelight with leading actor Vin Diesel when the film is released later in the year.

Aluminium is often selected as a set background for films with high tech / futuristic themes.

Mission Impossible, Event Horizon and James Bond’s The World is Not Enough are just 3 of the films Gooding Aluminium have previously supplied aluminium patterned sheet for.

Impressional sheets are available in mill, anodised and powder coated finishes. These tactile aluminium panels can either be supplied in standard sizes or with dimensions to suit individual requirements.

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