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Our 5 Star Service brings together the entire GA stock range of contemporary aluminium materials, patterns, and products, with a high quality ‘made to measure’ fabrication facility.

The GA 5 Star Service fulfils the fundamental need for top quality light gauge aluminium materials, accurately and rapidly made into purpose made products, to suit your precise design and delivery requirements.

It’s so easy and convenient to order aluminium stock online from our extensive selection of aluminium and aluminium alloy extrusions and sheets.

You can discover many different perforated, plain, patterned and textured sheets, fixing profiles, mouldings, trims and general-purpose angles, channels, etc., to satisfy a wide variety of architectural, and general design applications.

GA Premium Aluminium Alloy Stair Nosings

The finishing touches are being applied to Sevenoaks School new Science & Technology and Sixth Form Centres.

GA’s Premium Aluminium Alloy Stair Nosings are being fixed to oak hardwood staircases in this magnificent 3 storey workshop complex.

aluminium stair nosings


Specified in the natural anodised finish these hardwearing* nosings/treads are available with alternative back edge options to suit different kinds of flooring.

On this occasion the lipped back edge design (GA 1407s) was selected to provide a suitable transition between the levels of the tread surface and the wooden flooring.

premium stair nosings

Combining elegance and durability*, these ‘invisibly fixed’ aluminium alloy profiles, are available from stock in natural, natural/black and black anodised finishes.

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GA Premium Aluminium Alloy Stair Nosings – Installation

A new video for design professionals and flooring contractors, has been released to aid in the installation of our ‘invisibly’ fixed Premium range of Aluminium Stair Nosings.

Detailing the components and accessories required for a successful and long-lasting installation this fast-moving video encapsulates what you need to know within a 75 second time frame.

Intended for interior applications, GA’s invisibly fixed Premium Nosings are available with alternative back edges designs, making them suitable for board, concrete and wood surfaces.

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Wear Resistance of GA Premium Aluminium Alloy Stair Nosings

This article follows a recent one about wear resistance testing on black anodised stair nosing.

Premium Aluminium Alloy Stair Nosings

Just returned from the testing lab is a natural (silver) anodised sample from our selection of Premium stair nosings.

A biomechanical walking machine subjected the tread surface to 1,000,000 abrasion footfalls (500,000 downward & 500,000 upward movements) to a walking action from a standard shoe.

During the test forces are applied that replicate the average person’s gait. Approximately 1000N at heal impact through to 900N at forepart impact.

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Aluminium Stair Nosing designs to suit all applications

Gooding Aluminium offers a variety of aluminium stair nosing designs to suit all applications. Our ‘Step-Up Stair Trims’ and our ‘Premium’ range are ‘secretly fixed’ and available in a range of tread designs and ‘back edge’ details.

GA’s Stair Nosing provides a cost effective yet supremely stylish method of finishing commercial stairways and can be supplied with a wide selection of infills. The range available from Gooding Aluminium offers a truly original alternative to conventional aluminium stair treads and are suitable for a broad range of internal applications.

These innovative stair nosings are available in either Ano-Sil anodised or mill finish. (Ano-Sil Anodised is a smooth matt satin finish and Mill is the untreated option). All of our stair trims can be effortlessly incorporated into both new build and refurbishment projects.

Economy Stair Nosings Premium Stair Nosing for board concrete and wood Premium CMS Stair Nosings for ceramic, marble and stone Step-up stair nosing
aluminium stair nosing

Premium Stair Nosings with Super Grip Treads – for board, concrete and wood

Elegant and hard wearing these ‘invisibly fixed’ stair nosings are finished in anodised aluminium. You can select from the following anodised finishes, these are; Natural, Black and Natural/Black.

Premium stair nosings are available with a selection of back edge options for integration with different types of floor coverings.

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