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Wear Resistance of GA Premium Aluminium Alloy Stair Nosings

This article follows a recent one about wear resistance testing on black anodised stair nosing.

Premium Aluminium Alloy Stair Nosings

Just returned from the testing lab is a natural (silver) anodised sample from our selection of Premium stair nosings.

A biomechanical walking machine subjected the tread surface to 1,000,000 abrasion footfalls (500,000 downward & 500,000 upward movements) to a walking action from a standard shoe.

During the test forces are applied that replicate the average person’s gait. Approximately 1000N at heal impact through to 900N at forepart impact.

The independent test report concluded some slight sole marking on the wear surface. No significant degradation or cracking/damage was observed.

Once returned and cleaned with a ‘multi surface wipe, it was impossible to identify any surface marking at all.

The anodic film and the aluminium alloy substrate combine to produce a hardened and visually attractive wear resistant surface, making this a suitable treatment for footwear applications.

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These images were taken by Gooding Aluminium Ltd after the return and cleaning of the tested sample.

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