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Aluminium Wall Cladding used in Gatecrasher Nightclub

Corrugated ‘Anolight’ Aluminium Sheet

Swell, lightweight, flexible and eye-catching GA Anolight corrugated aluminium cladding panels are taking the interiors market by storm.

Buoyed up by their elegant low rise wavy appearance, these finely corrugated aluminium sheets are just right for the exhibition, leisure, office fitting and retail sectors.

Aluminium wall claddingWall cladding

With the benefit of a superb satin anodised finish, incredibly lightweight Anolight sheets are flexibility personified, and can be used effectively for both vertical and horizontal applications.

Features – Benefits

  • Ano-Sil Anodised finish – Excellent optical performance
  • Low-rise profiles – Easy to shape and install
  • Pre-trimmed edges – Makes overlapping easy
  • Lightweight – Handling is made simple
  • Formed profiles – Increased panel strength
  • Set profile spacing – Long continuous runs can be achieved
  • Availability – From stock for immediate dispatch

We are able to produce cut to size Anolight panels. These items can be processed to anodised, mill and powder coated finishes. Please contact us with your requirements.

Our corrugated patterns are kept in the Ano-Sil anodised finish. (Ano-Sil Anodised is a smooth matt satin finish).

These standard size corrugated sheets can be ordered online today for prompt dispatch.

For tips on how to install Gooding Aluminium wall cladding, watch this brief video:

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