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Aluminium Houses & Charles M. Goodman

For those in the know, great; but for those that don’t, the question surely arises – What is the connection between Charles Goodman and Aluminium Houses?

Aluminium Houses
Alcoa House – Aluminium Houses

Charles Goodman was a Washington DC based architect who specialised in designing homes in the modernist style. Inspired by, amongest others, the Bauhaus work of Mies van de Rohe, Goodman was appointed in 1957 by Alcoa (The Aluminum Company of America) to design the ‘Care Free House’. This collaboration was set up to demonstrate aluminiums‘ suitability and versatility as both a decorative and structural material within residential environments. It was also intended to display how successfully aluminium integrates with traditional materials such as brick, glass, stone and wood.

For whatever reason, only twenty three of these high quality ‘California Style’ post and beam construct houses were ever built. Fortunately a proportion of these unique properties have either been preserved in their original condition or, renovated with meticulous attention to detail.

Aluminium Kitchen Dining Room
Kitchen Dining Room Area

You can also view a real estate agent’s video promoting one of these ‘For Sale’ homes.

Reassuringly there is a growing awareness in the United States that such distinctive mid 20th century properties should be protected from the trend towards demolition and MacMansionization, as the Americans’ call it!

Aluminium Products
Living Room

Goodman was also responsible for designing several housing developments that have been subsequently ‘listed’, including the superbly landscaped Hollin-Hills in Alexandria, Virginia.

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