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GA’s new ‘One Side Fix’ Glazing Channels

GA’s recently introduced ‘One Side Fix’ 10/12mm glazing channels are now available with end blanks that neatly cover the profiles open ends.

Aluminium Glazing Channels - One Side Fix
Aluminium Glazing Channels with pre-fitted gasket to one edge, allowing it to be fixed when access is limited to only one side – Ideal for glass walls, etc..

The end blanks (with applied self-adhesive tape) match the natural anodised or white powder coat surface finishes of the glazing profiles.

GA’s new ‘One Side Fix’ 10/12mm glazing channels offer a practical solution for the installation of glass panels against walls and other vertical surfaces, where access for fixing is only available from one side.

A specially developed glazing wedge is located into the channel’s holding slot, before the glass is fitted.

Also, incorporated within the ‘One Side Fix’ design is an ingenious (floor level) 2-part Shuffle-Less glazing solution (GA 7035 /GA 7036), with a post-fit bead allowing for a minimal head channel (GA 7031 / GA 7032) to be installed, rather than using a channel with obtrusive elongated flanges.

For easier and quicker installation, the channels are pre-drilled with csk. fixing holes.

UV stable glazing wedge and flat packers are included free of charge with every order.

N.B. Intended for interior applications only.

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