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Tread plate is great for many things!

Treadplate is a non-directional raised lozenge pattern that was primarily designed as a hardwearing flooring surface. However aluminium treadplate now finds use on vertical architectural applications as well. In fact wherever a robust, textured, and protective surface is required!

It’s easy to see why aluminium treadplate is used just about everywhere! Whoever came up with the idea of combining aluminium with a treadplate design is to be congratulated! This win win product partnership produces a list of impressive service life credentials. Among the many benefits are being, easy to clean, hygienic, corrosion resistant, lightweight and low maintenance.

Add in a ‘clean contemporary look’ to the above list and you will appreciate the sound rationale of the healthy eating Prêt A Manger sandwich chain into converting aluminium and aluminium treadplate in particular, into part of its iconic retail brand!

Treadplate: Prêt a Manger
Treadplate: Prêt a Manger

As vertical surfacing aluminium treadplate is widely used for interior applications as decorative and protective fascias on doors, counters and columns.

5 bar treadplate arranged in a non directional pattern is the most commonly stocked design in the UK. There are also 1 & 2 bar versions normally available in some parts of Europe, Asia and America.

All of these ‘bar’ patterns have been developed as an alternative to the original chequer plate design. This pattern consisted of elongated diamond shapes which unfortunately trapped dirt and water within its recesses. There are no such entrapments with the 1, 2 & 5 bar formats.

Treadplate: McDonald’s
Treadplate: McDonald’s

Our treadplate is available in a choice of two surface finishes, mill and anodised. The mill finish (when in architectural grade) is normally semi bright in appearance and has that urban industrial feel about it. The anodised finish produces a silky smooth matt effect that also hardens the material surface and reduces glare.

Here at Gooding Aluminium we are able to fabricate aluminium treadplates into the required shapes and sizes to ensure a perfect fit on site.

Within our stock range of rolled aluminium products is mill, anodised and satin brushed flat sheets, as well as pressed, textured and corrugated sheets.

We also keep aluminium profiles and extrusions in stock and these include, aluminium angle, aluminium channel, aluminium flat bar, tee, glazing channels, stair nosings, split battens, wallboard trims, and louvres.

Gooding Aluminium are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium products including

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