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Impressional Aluminium in Car Showrooms – Reception Desk Fascias

GA’s Impressional range of decorative cladding panels has been developed with the adage in mind that ‘you’ve only got one chance to make a first impression’.

The sheer quality and versatility of GA Impressional with its durability, tactile ‘feel appeal’ and light contemporary style makes this an ideal choice for a wide variety of interior spaces.

In the examples below, Gooding Aluminium Impressional Aluminium was used as new reception desk fascias in Scotthall BMW: Cambridge:

The press-forming method of producing GA Impressional results in the beneficial effect of temper hardening and thereby stiffening the aluminium material, producing a durable and damage resistant panel.

Features – Benefits
*    Precise plain border margins – Makes pattern matching easy
*    Significant pattern height – Qualities for the visually impaired
*    Upraised geometric forms – Strengthens the material
*    Anodised option – Satin finish with high optical performance
*    Mill finish option – Suitable for powder coating
*    Alternative thicknesses and pattern shapes – Wide selection
*    Anodised and mill from stock – Immediate availability

Gooding Aluminium are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium products including

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Aluminium Reception Desk Fascias

Our modern 5 Star Processing Service accurately and rapidly fabricates Aluminium Reception Desk Fascias to meet your precise specification.

Choose from our diverse range of aluminium sheets that can be supplied in anodised, mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

Reception Desk FasciasReception Desk FasicasAluminium is incredible stuff! It is a unique metal with a positive image that naturally appeals to the professional specifier and installer. This incredibly versatile material, when combined with its alloys, can be folded, formed, machined or worked using a wide range of processes. Thanks to these excellent material properties, aluminium has become widely used within an extensive variety of architectural and related applications.

The many desirable design properties of aluminium alloy, including its lightweight to strength ratio, makes the material suitable for a varied selection of interior and external applications. To fully assist in the decision making processes it is clearly essential that valuable insight is gained into aluminium’s’ functionality and other performance criteria. Significant advances have also been made in recent years with processing technologies, thereby increasing expectations of improved products and surface finishes at lower cost.

Gooding Aluminium are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium products including

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For guidance on installing Gooding Aluminium reception desk fascias, watch our brief video below:

Aluminium Products in Health Clubs – Fitness First

By exploring the many exciting images within Project Gallery you will be presented with a remarkable and inspirational selection of our aluminium materials, products and surface finishes successfully combining and performing within a variety of contemporary spaces.

Full credit for these inspirational applications must however be attributed to the architects and designers responsible for the often innovative and creative ways in which GA’s aluminium products have been incorporated within the overall conceptual plan.

You may concur that many of the featured projects represent excellent examples of imaginative design and will serve to help you access and utilise the creative process

Aluminium Products were used in Fitness First Health Club in Luton:

Products used in this project

Transformational Pressed Aluminium Sheet, Square Pattern

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Illuminating your reception area with Aluminium Desk Fascias

The first thing clients and potential customers see when they walk in the building is the reception area. This is your opportunity is to make an amazing first impression. GA shows how you can use Aluminium Desk Fascias to make your business reception area shine!

Aluminium reception desk fascias

You can carefully design your reception area to be functional, professional and stylish. Various design elements such as colour, materials, layout and branding can make a statement about the culture and values of your company.   Ensure that your reception area creates the perfect impression by taking the time to thoroughly plan each detail of this important aspect of your office space.

When it comes to appearances, aluminium can certainly be finished in style with a number of different effects.  Also, depending on the application, aluminium is often used in its natural state.

For many uses aluminium looks great in mill or anodised finish. There are occasions however when a colourful alternative may be required and that’s where GA’s ‘Spectra Bond’ powder coating (available in RAL colours) comes into its own.

Anodised aluminium provides an attractive matt metallic easy to maintain effect that will normally last for many years. The anodic film is extremely durable, corrosion resistant and light-fast. The anodising process interacts with the surface of the aluminium. For this reason it is important that a suitable aluminium alloy is selected, together with the surface finish being in good condition.

For inspiration check out our reception desk fascias area.

Reception Desk Videos:

RD 1

RD1 Double Folded Trays with GA Ver T Fix System

RD 2

RD2 Double Folded Trays with GA Ver T Fix and Shadow Gaps

RD 3

RD3 Single Folded Trays with GA Panel-Fix

RD 4

RD4 Panels with GA Posi-Grip Instant Access Framing

RD 5

RD5 Panels with GA Posi-Grip Instant Access Framing and Spacers.

Made to Measure Panels.  It’s so easy, provide the checklist information and we’ll deliver to site ready for fixing.

  • Factory made panels to your dimensions
  • Choice of perforated, plain and patterned designs
  • Select from anodised, powder coated, satin brushed and mill finishes
  • Any number of panels
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Welding Aluminium: Design Considerations

I’m often asked the question, ‘Which is the best method for joining aluminium?’

The answer is ‘It depends’. It’s not a question of which one is best but rather understanding the pros and cons of each process and relating this to the intended application.

On this occasion we will consider welding. Welding is one of three principal methods by which aluminium parts can be successfully joined together. Bonding (structural adhesives) and using various mechanical means (cleating, folding, nuts/bots, screws, rivets, etc.) are the alternatives.

Reception Desk Fascias
Carrington House, London – Reception Desk Fascias

Welding is often rightly thought of as one of the strongest and most permanent joining methods. This heat intensive process involves fusing separate aluminium items together and then using a filler to form a joint. There are different techniques for welding aluminium (MIG & TIG). The material thickness of the parts to be welded will often determine the most suitable mode.

When considering welding, however, as a preferred joining method ‘casuality’ (cause and effect) should be borne in mind. The event of welding can change the localised form and appearance of the aluminium. For many applications these considerations are of little or no consequence, but where aesthetic considerations apply, care should be exercised. It is always good to know in advance what visual and other effects might manifest from a process.

Reception Desk Fascias
Pharmacia – Milton Keynes (Reception Desk Fascias)

One of aluminium’s primary advantages is it’s resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

This corrosion resistance is due to the oxide coating that naturally forms on aluminium’s surface.

The aluminium oxide coating has a much higher melting point (2037 C) than the aluminium base metal (648 C)and therefore needs to be removed before welding takes place. Oxide removal is usually achieved by means of using a wire brush or solvents and etching solutions immediately prior to the welding process.

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