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Perforated Sheet: Lighting Solutions

Diffusion of light is one of the many applications for perforated sheet.

Whether the light source is artificial or natural, the use of perforated metal can create spontaneous and effective displays of soft and harmonious lighting effects.

Perforated sheet permits the designer to control and direct light so that it converts the environment into a new and unique experience.

The diffusion process is facilitated by filtering concentrated areas of light through different sized holes thereby producing areas of less concentrated light. The metal’s perforations also significantly reduce shadows that are cast by conflicting light sources. Happily the diffusion process is a purely automatic one, requiring no energy!

To clearly illustrate the exciting possibilities for using perforated sheet, as a diffusion material, we commissioned some experimental photography.

You can see from the image below how the diffused light, passing through the aluminium perforations, enhances the attractiveness of the subject.  These visual effects can be equated with simulating softened daylight as it passes through the earth’s atmosphere.

Perforated aluminium, when compared to other metals, is a particularly suitable and versatile material for all kinds of lighting schemes. Aluminium’s inherent qualities include its lightness, corrosion resistance and attractive silvery appearance. Perforated aluminium is also one of the most economical and effective elements for manipulating light.

Within buildings the medium of perforated sheet offers many light diffusing possibilities. Perforated sheets are often used to help create light and airy spaces. Typical applications include ceiling panels, column casings, room division and screening units, as well as a vast range of mass produced and bespoke luminaires.

Perforated sheets are available punched in many configurations, including round, square, or hexagonal holes, slots, or special ornamental shapes. To increase design possibilities many of these patterns are available with different percentage open areas ranging from 6 to 55%.

Our bespoke fabrication service produces specially sized perforated panels with un-punched areas and plain margins.  Panels can also be rolled to form single or double curves.

Perforated aluminium sheets can be surface finished to meet your design requirements. Available finishes include anodising, powder coating and satin brushing. Alternatively the aluminium material can be left in its natural mill condition.

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