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Perforated Sheet in Bar Design

Perforated sheet aluminium is incorporated into some of the most exciting, contemporary and cutting edge nightclub and bar designs.

Cool, funky, futuristic, chic, minimalist, cosmopolitan, are all adjectives that creatively describe the appealing visual qualities of perforated aluminium.

Perforated Sheet In Bars
Perforated Sheet: Column Casing – ME2 Nightclub

You can select from our comprehensive selection of perforated sheet patterns to satisfy every conceivable bar and nightclub theme. These designs are available punched in many configurations, encompassing round, square, or hexagonal holes, slots, or special ornamental shapes. To increase design choice many of these patterns are available with different percentage open areas ranging from 6 to 55%.

This incredibly versatile metal can be folded, formed, machined or worked using a wide range of processes. Thanks to these excellent material properties, perforated aluminium has become widely used within an extensive number of entertainment and leisure related applications.

It was the pioneering modernist architect Mies van der Rohe, who said, ‘the danger with aluminium is that you can do with it what you like; that it has no real limitations’

Here at Gooding Aluminium we are able to fabricate perforated sheet into numerous architectural elements and fittings including suspended ceiling panels, column enclosures, bar & counter fascias, wall cladding, light diffusers and balustrade panels.

Aluminium allows the bar and night club designer to create a wide array of surface finish effects.

Perforated Sheet in Bars and Clubs
Perforated Sheet: Suspended Ceiling - Allied Domecq Nightclub

Using the metal in its mill untreated condition creates that urban industrial look when combined with industrial lighting, metal beams, exposed brick and cement surfaces, etc.

Alternatively high end stylish sophistication can be embraced with the silky smooth matt satin lustre of anodised surfaces. The anodising process deepens the natural oxide film on aluminium, thereby sealing and hardening the surface, making for an attractive, durable and easy to clean finish.

Perforated Aluminium Sheet in Bars
Perforated Sheet: Mill finish -Time Envy Nightclub

Whatever your bar and nightclub requirements, be they for fabricated architectural components, or aluminium sheets and extrusions, Gooding Aluminium are ideally placed to supply them on time and within budget.

Our aluminium sheet stocks include, mill, anodised and satin brushed, patterned sheet, perforated sheet, textured sheet, tread plate and corrugated sheet. Within the aluminium profiles and extrusions category we provide aluminium angle, aluminium channel, aluminium flat bar, aluminium tee, glazing channels, board & panel fixings, stair nosings, louvres and various aluminium mouldings.

Gooding Aluminium are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium products including

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