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Our 5 Star Service brings together the entire GA stock range of contemporary aluminium materials, patterns, and products, with a high quality ‘made to measure’ fabrication facility.

The GA 5 Star Service fulfils the fundamental need for top quality light gauge aluminium materials, accurately and rapidly made into purpose made products, to suit your precise design and delivery requirements.

It’s so easy and convenient to order aluminium stock online from our extensive selection of aluminium and aluminium alloy extrusions and sheets.

You can discover many different perforated, plain, patterned and textured sheets, fixing profiles, mouldings, trims and general-purpose angles, channels, etc., to satisfy a wide variety of architectural, and general design applications.

Staying on the ‘straight and narrow’ with GA’s extruded aluminium alloy Squeeze Frames.

For added strength and rigidity all perforated GA Squeeze Frame Aluminium Panels are supplied with a plain (imperforate) border that sits inside the aluminium frame recess. Independent test results show significantly improved performance with this method of fabrication.

Squeeze Frame Aluminium Panels
Squeeze Frame Aluminium Panels

By utilising the ‘close tolerance’ alloy extrusion process in producing these aluminium profiles, the much dreaded ‘rippling or bowing’ effect of folded aluminium sheet trims can be avoided. You’ll also experience a stronger and straighter aluminium product, giving a more professional finished appearance.

Aluminium profiles
Aluminium profiles

Features – benefits

  • Extruded material – Closer tolerances with a consistent gap width and leg length
  • Economic – Free of the aluminium profile forming element
  • Manufactured in aluminium alloy – Higher tensile strength and rigidity
  • Maximum flexibility – Can be rolled and curved to shape
  • Weldable corners – Added joint strength (weld beads cleaned off flush by the GA Processing Team)
  • Ready fit service – GA can apply these aluminium profile trims to any of our aluminium perforated sheets
  • Surface finished – Can be supplied with a powder coated or non-directional satin brushed effect

Gooding Aluminium are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium sheets, aluminium profiles and ‘made to order’ aluminium products with ‘invisible’ fixing solutions. For more information about bespoke or ready made aluminium products, subscribe by RSS, or by Email or visit our main site at

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Case Study – BP Valhall Accommodation/Hotel Platform Project

Project: BP Valhall Accommodation/Hotel Platform

Location: North Sea, Norway

Product: Aluminium Wall Cladding Type WC2

Material: Perforated Sheet GA P1632 & Plain Aluminium Sheet GA 1539

Finish: Powder Coated RAL 7045 & RAL 7047

Client: BP Norge

Specifier: SLP Engineering

Project Background

BP Valhall Accommodation/Hotel Platform Project

The Valhall platform is located in the North Sea off the coast of Norway and is one of the largest offshore brownfield projects ever attempted across the globe. The $2.4billion project was to build a new accommodation/production platform, preserving a proportion of the existing infrastructure which was pending eventual decommissioning and to stop reservoir subsidence in order to extend field life to 2049.

The new production and hotel platform – has a design life of 40 years. It is sized for production of about 120,000 barrels of oil and 143million cu ft of gas per day; water handling capability of 200,000bpd; a topsides weight of some 16,000 tonnes, and jacket weighing in at 7,500 tonnes.

Aluminium Wall Cladding
BP Valhall Accommodation - Aluminium Wall Cladding

Project Details
Working with renowned SLP Engineering, Gooding Aluminium were contracted to supply aluminium wall cladding Type WC2, combining perforated and plain aluminium sheets, for the atrium accommodation facilities module (Perforated Aluminium Sheet GA P1632 & Plain Aluminium Sheet GA 1539).

Perforated Aluminium Sheet
Perforated Aluminium Sheet - Wall Cladding - BP Valhall Accommodation

The living quarters house 180 people, they are powered from offshore for additional energy efficiency, but more importantly, the Gooding Aluminium lightweight, powder coated finish perforated sheets weigh 1.38 kg/m2, and the plain aluminium sheets are 5.5 kg/m2. The lightweight nature of the panels helped to bring the platform within the specified weight limit, contributing to the ongoing subsidence control programme.

Perforated Aluminium Sheet - Aluminium Wall Cladding
Perforated Aluminium Sheet - Aluminium Wall Cladding

In total, over 950 aluminium panels were supplied, manufactured and delivered in 4 stages. Each stage delivered ahead of schedule and once again celebrated Gooding Aluminium’s enviable 100% quality control, whereupon no panels were rejected.


“I chose the Goodings system in preference to a variety of acoustic linings for the following reasons:-
a. Weight/performance met our strict criteria.
b. Reasonably easy to be installed by abseilers i.e. the fixing method and durability provided perfect product.
c. Cost
d. Repairable paint finish
e. Contractor experience of GA.
f. Crisp precise detailing and the system allows acoustic and non acoustic panels in the same coherent system.”

David Hennigan (Architect) Project Specifier; SLP Engineering Ltd.

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Order Free Aluminium Samples

Here at Gooding Aluminium, we know that sampling assists with the decision making process when it comes to purchasing bespoke and ready made aluminium products.  That’s why we offer free samples to all our online customers.

Simply visit our website and browse our online aluminium products store, and take advantage of our free service by selecting the ‘get samples’ icon as you view the aluminium product listings.

If you have aluminium project requirements and require samples, our FREE on-line samples service Team will respond quickly and efficiently to your request.

GA samples are supplied in attractive presentation sleeves and binders and are normally dispatched within 24 hours.

If you visit our website you can request a quote for any of our Made To Order Aluminium Products online.

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Gooding Aluminium Ceiling Panels – Jewish Museum, London

Project: Jewish Museum

Location: London

Product: Perforated aluminium ceiling panels type CP1

Finish: Powder Coated RAL 9006

Specifier: Long & Kentish Architects

Project Overview

Perforated Aluminium in tune with expanding Jewish Museum

Gooding Aluminium’s perforated aluminium ceiling trays played a key role in the stunning £10million transformation of the Jewish Museum in London.  The aluminium ceiling trays helped created a seamless effect to this high standard design project.

perforated aluminium ceiling trays
Perforated aluminium ceiling trays – Jewish Museum, London

Project Background

The Jewish Museum London recently opened it’s doors again following a remarkable transformation that culminated in a landmark museum that celebrates Jewish life and cultural diversity. The museum formerly operated from two separate premises in north London, is now based in expanded premises in the heart of Camden Town. The museum’s two 19th century terraced buildings on Albert Street have been connected to an adjacent former piano factory, tripling the amount of space available for display.

Aluminium ceiling trays
Perforated Aluminium Ceiling trays at the Jewish Museum in London

This formidable re-development was made possible following a £4.2 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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