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Call Us Today: 0208 692 2255

Structural Integrity of GA Shuffle-Less Glazing

GA’s ingenious (floor level) 2-part Shuffle-Less glazing channel has recently been tested to demonstrate its structural integrity. You can watch the video @

The 2-part Shuffle-Less glazing channel (GA 7035 /GA 7036), allows for a minimal head channel (GA 7031 / GA 7032) to be installed, rather than using a channel with elongated flanges.

For easier and quicker installation, the channels are pre-drilled with csk. fixing holes.

UV stable glazing wedge and flat packers are included with every order.

These high-quality aluminium glazing channels are available from stock in natural anodised and white powder coated finishes.

N.B. Intended for interior applications only.


For more information about our glazing channels, click here.

Concealing structural supports with perforated aluminium column casings

Whenever, there are unsightly concrete and other structural supports, GA’s alloy column casings can provide an excellent decorative and protective solution.

column casings

Our modern 5 Star Processing Service accurately and rapidly fabricates Aluminium Column Casings to meet your precise specification.

For your casings choose from our diverse range of aluminium perforated and plain sheets that can be supplied in anodised, mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

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Decorative circular satin brushed aluminium sheet

Since our formation in 1979 continuous growth and innovation has seen Gooding Aluminium become an established and respected online supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium extrusions, profiles and sheets.

In situations where aesthetic considerations, or lower reflectivity are important, some sort of finishing treatment is normally applied. These processes can include, powder coating, anodising (to suitable material grades) and satin brush polishing.

We’re delighted to announce that we have extended our patterned aluminium sheet range to include specialised circular satin brushed pattern.

circular satin brushed pattern

This circular satin brushed aluminium sheet can be used to provide a dynamic decorative effect across a multitude of applications. Patterned sheet is ideal for a range of decorative applications including exhibition stands, signage, displays and internal cladding.

patterened aluminium sheet

Aluminium sheet is durable, versatile and extremely lightweight.
Gooding Aluminium offer an extensive range of Perforated sheet; Pressed sheet; Plain aluminium sheet (including anodised, mill and satin brushed); Textured / Lozenge aluminium Sheet; Wavy (Anolight) aluminium sheet; and ‘Other’ aluminium sheet (archival patterns).

Additionally, our 5 Star Aluminium Processing Facility is equipped to provide you with all the service you need to help make your aluminium fabrication requirements a success.

Whatever aspects of our products/services are required you can be assured that the essence of ‘what we do’ is based around the firm foundations of dovetailing our capabilities to match the requirements of a given situation. It’s very much a case of:

    • What do you need?
    • When do you need it?

Here is a summary below of what we can do for you:

    • Supply high quality aluminium extrusions, profiles and sheets from stock
    • Manufacture specially sized perforated and patterned sheets
    • Fabricate architectural aluminium components, i.e. balustrade panels, suspended ceiling panels, column casings, wall cladding, etc.
    • Surface finish items in anodised, powder-coated and satin brushed
    • Provide free samples







Our products and services are continually recommended by leading Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors having successfully been incorporated in many outstanding projects and applications.

To find out more, please call our Sales Team, to discuss your requirements on 020 8692 225.

Using perforated aluminium sheet for reception desk fascia

We have a wonderfully varied range of high quality perforated aluminium sheet products available for your selection.

These rolled products include; Flat Aluminium Sheet (including anodised, mill and satin brushed); perforated aluminium sheet; Pressed Aluminium Sheet; Textured/Tread Plate and Corrugated Aluminium.

Gooding Aluminium perforated aluminium sheet was used to provide Ironbridge Museum in Shropshire with modern, stylish reception desk fascia.


Perforated Aluminium Sheet: Posi-Grip I.A. Framing - Ironbridge Museum
Perforated Sheet: Posi-Grip I.A. Framing


Products used in this project

Hole dia. 4.7mm. Open Area 40%
Product code: GA P1607
Panel Size: 2500 X 1250 Thickness: 2mm
Finish: Mill
Hole Diameter: 4.7 mm
Open Area: 40 %





Instructional video on installing Gooding Aluminium reception desk fascias:

Perforated sheets are available punched in many configurations, including round, square, or hexagonal holes, slots, or special ornamental shapes. To increase design possibilities many of these patterns are available with different percentage open areas ranging from 6 to 55%.
We stock a large supply of perforated sheet with various patterns. Clicking on the images below will take you through to the relevant product:

perforated aluminium sheet perforated aluminium sheet







Gooding Aluminium is a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium products. Our bespoke fabrication service produces specially sized perforated panels with un-punched areas and plain margins.  Panels can also be rolled to form single or double curves.

Perforated aluminium sheets can be surface finished to meet your design requirements. Available finishes include anodising, powder coating and satin brushing. Alternatively, the aluminium material can be supplied in its natural (untreated) mill condition.

For more information, visit our website or call us on 0208 692 2255.


Source, specify and order Aluminium Profiles

Gooding Aluminium are national and international fabricators of all types of aluminium products. From high volume to bespoke products, you can rely on our highly skilled team of fabricators to create unique pieces that meet your specific requirements and timeframes.

If you are looking to source, specify or order aluminium profiles, we also supply a range of extrusions in a variety of finishes. Our aluminium alloy profiles are available from stock in either mill (untreated), or a natural anodised surface finish.

order aluminium profiles

Our Aluminium Profiles comprise aluminium angle (equal), aluminium angle (unequal), aluminium flat bar, aluminium channel and aluminium tee profiles.
Aluminium Angle (Equal and Unequal)

aluminium angle

Our aluminium angle is stocked in 4m lengths. Aluminium angle is available from stock in both anodised and mill finish.

These multi-purpose aluminium profiles are used for numerous architectural applications.


Please click on the images below to find out about more products in our range of aluminium profiles.


 Channel  Channel miscellaneous  Flat Bar  H Shape
 aluminium channel  channel miscellaneous  aluminium flat bar  aluminium extrusions h shape
 Mouldings  Tee  Y-Shape  Z-Shape
 aluminium mouldings  aluminium t shape profiles  y shape aluminium profiles  z shaped aluminium profiles

At Gooding Aluminium, we know that sampling assists with the decision making process when it comes to sourcing, specifying and ordering aluminium products. We work with national and international architects and specifiers. We provide them with samples to assist with the specification process and supply products that add an elegant finish to their exquisite building projects. Our products can be found in some of the most prestigious buildings in the country.

To find out more, please call our Sales Team, to discuss your requirements on 020 8692 225.


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