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Aluminium cladding panels with secret fixings

At Gooding Aluminium, our range of decorative cladding panels has been developed with the adage in mind that ‘you’ve only got one chance to make a first impression’. The many desirable design properties of aluminium alloy, including its appearance and its lightweight to strength ratio, makes the material suitable for a varied selection of interior and external applications.

Our superior processing service accurately and rapidly fabricates Aluminium Counter & Desk Panels to meet your bespoke specification.

Choose from our diverse range of aluminium sheets that can be supplied in anodised, mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

aluminium wall cladding

Significant advances have been made in recent years with processing technologies, thereby increasing expectations of improved products and surface finishes at lower cost. For your preferred material, you can choose from our diverse range of perforated and plain aluminium sheets.



Alternative surface finishes are normally available, and these are, anodised, mill (untreated), and powder coated (RAL colours). Take a look at some examples of where these products have been used to do just that. Please note that full credit for these inspirational applications must however be attributed to the architects and designers responsible for the often innovative and creative ways in which GA’s aluminium products have been incorporated within the overall conceptual plan.

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Dry-Fit divider strips for use with GA’s 10/12mm Shuffle-Less Glazing Channels

Now available from stock, our new slimline and transparent dividers are suitable for 10/10.8mm – 12/12.8 mm glass thicknesses.

Being UV resistant GA’s clear divider jointing and 90˚corner strips are the perfect dry-fit alternative to using liquid silicone.

These minimal profiles assist in creating a minimal contemporary look when using our 10/12mm Shuffle-Less Glazing Channels

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Premium Aluminium Alloy Stair Nosings

Elegance and robustness are qualities that can sometimes be difficult to combine into a single product.

However, GA’s elegant Premium Stair Nosings with an anodised finish have recently been subjected to a rigorous abrasion resistance assessment with excellent results.

A biomechanical walking machine subjected the tread surface to 1,000,000 abrasion footfalls (500,000 downward movements & 500,000 upwards).

The visual inspection after testing concluded: –

Slight sole marking evident on wear surface, no cracking or damage of stair nosing.

For the purposes of the test a black anodised nosing was selected because, any significant tread wear would be clearly revealed, with the aluminium surface showing through.

After 1,000,000 biomechanical footsteps the black anodised finish remained intact.

Note 1. A copy of the original test report is available upon request.

Note 2. The results can also be considered relevant to GA Premium CMS Nosings, as the modified back edge has no bearing on the wear testing.

Intended for interior applications, GA’s invisibly fixed Premium Stair Nosings/Treads are available with alternative back edge options, making them suitable for different types of flooring.

To find out more about our Premium Aluminium Alloy Stair Nosings, click here.

Aluminium Alloy Stair Nosings
The image was taken by Gooding Aluminium Ltd after the return of the tested sample.

GA’s new ‘One Side Fix’ glazing channels

GA’s new ‘One Side Fix’ 10/12mm glazing channels offer a practical solution for the installation of glass panels against walls and other vertical surfaces, where access for fixing is only available from one side.


A specially developed glazing wedge is located into the channel’s holding slot, before the glass is fitted.

one side fix glazing channels

Our ingenious (floor level) 2-part Shuffle-Less glazing channel (GA 7035 /GA 7036), allows for a minimal head channel (GA 7031 / GA 7032) to be installed, rather than using a channel with elongated flanges.

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New glazing channels for installing 6mm thickness glass panels

GA’s new glazing channels offer a professional high-quality solution for installing 6mm thickness glass panels.

glazing channels

Our ingenious (base level) 2-part Shuffle-Less glazing channel (GA 6035), allows for a minimal head channel (GA 6031) to be installed, rather than using a channel with elongated flanges.

For easier and quicker installation, the channels are pre-drilled with csk. fixing holes.

UV stable/anti-microbial glazing wedge and flat packers are supplied with every order.

These aluminium items are available from stock in natural anodised and white powder coated finishes.

N.B. Intended for interior applications only.

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