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Column casings – Providing a stylish integrated finish

The finishing touches to any construction project really do contribute to the overall appearance and feel of the build. In many cases it is these finishing touches that increase the client’s level of satisfaction in the project. When it comes to concealing structural columns and unsightly support structures, column casings have become the ultimate finishing touch.  Column casings provide a stylish integrated finish, which provides the perfect solution for concealing internal and external structural columns.

  There are many different types of materials that can be used for column casings. However, aluminum is steadily becoming the most popular material of choice.

Column Casings

Perforated Sheet: Mill Finish (Kings Wharf: Reading)

Aluminum is incredible stuff! It is a unique metal with a positive image that has become the chosen solution, for interior designers and architects worldwide for disguising structural columns. In an attempt to either hide or make a structural column an architectural feature, this incredibly versatile material can be folded, formed and impressed to conceal support structures, including those made of concrete and steel.

The many desirable design properties of aluminum alloy, including its lightweight to strength ratio, makes the material physically and aesthetically suitable for use as a column encasement. In addition to using aluminum casing as a disguise, many designers are now using the material just as a contemporary architectural feature. Aluminum column casing is growing to be the ‘must have’ decorative feature.

Among aluminum’s outstanding qualities are its cost effectiveness, corrosion resistance, durability, flexibility, lightness and sustainability through recycling, in addition to the attractive finish it presents. It should be emphasised that the architectural industry considers  Aluminum as a dependable and versatile material option, appropriate for concealing interior and exterior structural columns.

Column Casings 1

Aluminium Sheet: Satin Brush (Metage Capital: London)

Since introducing column casings to the construction market, some twenty years ago, Gooding Aluminium’s 5 Star Fabrication Service has been continually developing simple yet stylish ‘one fix’ packages to suit the most common applications. In addition to bespoke column designs that are right for you.

Column casings are normally circular, but square and rectangular are additional options. Alternative configurations and jointing methods are also available. Internal fixing brackets and supports including, aluminum angle profile, are custom made for project specific installation.

You can explore our diverse range of aluminum patterns and designs @ This breathtaking stock selection comprises embossed, perforated, pressed and textured sheets. Our 5 Star service team can effortlessly curve and fold the aluminum sheets into various casing configurations, shapes and sizes.

Once you’ve decided on a particular pattern there are a number of different and readily available surface effects to add that finishing touch.

These surface treatments, which only add a few days to the delivery time, include anodising, powder coating and satin brushing. Sometimes the aluminum is used in its mill (untreated) condition for an industrial look.

The Gooding Aluminum service also efficiently fabricates other widely used architectural elements to the highest quality standards. Products include; Balustrade Panels, Perforated Sheet, Suspended Ceiling Panels, and Wall Cladding.

Aluminium awareness information

Key Facts:
• Aluminium is great for incorporating into environmentally sensitive applications, such as this one.
• Environmentally friendly aluminium is the only recyclable material that more than pays for it’s own re-cycling costs!
• Re-cycling aluminium into new forms only requires 5% of the energy that originally produced it.
• All manufactured aluminium is effectively a stored energy bank for future generations.
• Aluminium is only 1/3rd the weight of steel.
• Aluminium’s surface has a self generating and repairing oxide coating which makes it corrosion resistant and therefore less expensive to maintain than steel and other corrodible metals.

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