Column casings/encasements are a widely used decorative feature in contemporary architecture. They are used for concealing all kinds of unsightly support structures, including those made from concrete and steel.

There are many different kinds of materials that are used for column casings; however aluminium is the most popular choice for such applications.

Aluminium’s inherent advantages are widely recognised by interior architects and designers. Among aluminium’s outstanding qualities are its cost effectiveness, corrosion resistance, durability, flexibility, lightness and sustainability through recycling.

Column Casing: Anodised Finish
Column Casing: Anodised Finish

Since Introducing column casings to the construction market, some twenty years ago, GA’s 5 Star Fabrication Service has been continually developing simple yet stylish ‘one fix’ packages to suit the most common applications.

Column casings are normally circular, but square and rectangular are additional options. Alternative configurations and jointing methods are also available. Internal fixing brackets and supports including, aluminium angle profile, are custom made for project specific installation.