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Aluminium Sheet: Geometric Patterns

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’

Aluminium is a highly versatile, lightweight and strong material and can be worked using a variety of metalworking techniques.

Punch-pressing and punch-cutting are among such forming methodologies and these manufacturing processes are used by the team here at Gooding Aluminium to produce a selection of patterned effects on aluminium sheet.

From our comprehensive selection of simplistic geometric designs it is possible to achieve either a rather understated classic look or, by mixing with other patterns and textures, exciting dynamic effects that manifest in many different ways.

Anodised sheet GA IMS601 (Scothall BMW)
Anodised sheet GA IMS601 (Scothall BMW)

GA’s Impressional and Transformational pattern ranges seek to satisfy the need for simple abstract designs. These patterned aluminium sheets are available from stock in standard panel sizes or can be specially produced to match your specific requirements.

Anodised Sheet GA TSQ15 (Fitness First)
Anodised Sheet GA TSQ15 (Fitness First)

These primary geometric shapes of circles and squares are based on symmetrical repetition. It is elementary motifs like these that often rise to the challenges of modern design. It was Leonardo da Vinci who said, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

Additionally the silky smooth tactile qualities of GA’s Ano-Sil anodised finish or the grainy textured effects of satin brushing are the perfect partners for adding that ‘extra’ something to the these touchy-feely’ patterns.

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Patterned Aluminium Sheet: Resistance to Surface Marking

It is widely accepted that surface patterns and textures assist in disguising minor surface abrasions such as indentations, scratches and other undesirable markings.

With plain surfaces it seems that no matter how large the area and how small the damage, the eye will register the offending mark and return to the exact same spot time and time again. How annoying is that first scratch on the newly acquired glass table!

Patterned Aluminium Sheet
Fitness First Leisure Centre

Fortunately there is a wide range of patterned aluminium sheet that help to conceal undesirable surface markings.

However the question of surface marking is highly subjective, with ‘beauty being in the eye of the beholder’ etc. I therefore decided to commission some independent testing to establish a scientific basis for these claims. Ceram Research carried out the laboratory analysis on our behalf.

Full test results for this research will be uploaded onto our website in due course. In the meantime I would like to share a sample of these findings with you.

Patterned Aluminium Sheet
Vertex (VXM) Mill Finish

GA Vertex sheet (a small pyramidal pattern) was tested in both mill and anodised finishes and was compared with a reference sample of plain mill finish sheet.

Briefly, the test method involved using P40 grade (rough grit) emery paper and this was attached to lead weights and a mechanical device pulled the emery paper along the aluminium surfaces.

Only 1 pass of the emery paper was required to produce a noticeable difference to the surface of the plain mill finish sheet. Significantly a minimum of 40 passes were required in both mill and anodised finishes of the Vertex pattern to produce a similar effect.

Patterned Aluminium Sheet:
Vertex (VXS21) Anodised Finish

In culinary terms ‘the proof is in the eating’ and in metallic terms ‘the proof is in the testing’. Ceram’s testing has established beyond reasonable doubt just how effective aluminium patterns and textures can be in disguising surface damage.

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