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Perforated Ceiling Panels used for High-tech architecture

Gooding Aluminium provided perforated ceiling panels for a project carried out in Bonhill Street, London.

High-tech architecture, also known as Late Modernism or Structural Expressionism, is an architectural style that emerged in the 1970s, incorporating elements of high-tech industry and technology into building design. High-tech architecture appeared as a revamped modernism, an extension of those previous ideas helped by even more technological advances.

Perforated Ceiling Panels Perforated Ceiling Panels

Our modern 5 Star Processing Service accurately and rapidly fabricated the Aluminium Ceiling Panels & Trays to meet the precise specification for the project.

We provided CP2 Perforated Ceiling Panels  in a untreated Mill finish for the project.

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Aluminium Wall Cladding with Style and Substance

All too often architects and designers have had to choose between style and substance. Now there is no need to compromise as, aluminium wall cladding is fast becoming a design staple for contemporary commercial interiors. Interior architects and designers are using wall cladding systems in exciting an innovative ways to add a touch of style. Aluminium is fast becoming the material of choice when panel flatness and ease of fitting is a must.

Aluminium as a constructional metal fits in well with today’s requirements of sustainable design and technologically efficient materials. There aren’t many alternatives that can compete with aluminium’s long list of desirable qualities. These positive characteristics offer an; advanced, aesthetically pleasing, durable, hygienic, lightweight, low maintenance and 100% recyclable, form of wall construction that maintains high levels of service performance.

Gooding Aluminium’s wall cladding systems are frequently the answer to a number of problems that occur with refurbishment projects. For example existing partitions and walls that are coming to the end of their decorative service life can be concealed behind attractive lightweight aluminium ‘secret -fix’ cladding.

On projects where effective acoustic control is required Gooding Aluminium has an extensive range of perforated sheet patterns that, formed into cladding trays, can be combined with sound absorbing materials.

‘Gooding Aluminium’s wall cladding systems are the perfect blend of form and function, not to mention the most cost effective and easy fit solution for new build or refurbishment projects. The integration of an interior cladding system into a building’s design allows less expensive and quicker construction methods and materials to be used for the core structure.

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Advantages of using aluminium in construction

It is certain that Aluminium will become even more widely used in construction as pressure grows for buildings that are flexible, easy to maintain and offer low cost-in-use.

 Aluminium wall cladding

There is certainly scope for growth in a wide variety of structural applications, such as supporting Aluminium sheet roofing on aluminium extruded roofing members. This growth is limited principally by a lack of understanding of Aluminium’s true structural abilities.

Aluminium offers unparalleled manufacturing flexibility, the broadest ranges of finishes, an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, unlimited recyclables and has a far better environmental profile than many specifiers believe. Above all, it offers architects the most elegant and satisfying design solutions.

For many contemporary designers there are simply no alternative to Aluminium – the form dictates the material and the material facilitates the form. This fact alone will ensure the continued growth of Aluminium in construction.

Below we look at the main advantages of using aluminium in construction:

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Aluminium in Construction – The perfect material

A building is rarely constructed, completed or refurbished without the use of aluminium these days, 20% of the world’s aluminium is used in the construction industry. The main reason for this is, because the physical properties of this metal make it the perfect low maintenance material for buildings.

Aluminium in Construction

Aluminium is a light weigh material, which means that the load on the bearing of any structure us less, and the strength makes it suitable for a variety of solutions. Its resistance to corrosion gives it the advantage of perfect use within regions exposed to severe weather. A vital reason for the use of aluminium is because its fluidity gives freedom to architects and designers.

Aluminium is becoming increasingly used in the construction industry. It is used to produce ceilings and walls, window frames, blinds, doors, stairs, roof covers, wall panel’s partitions, HVAC systems and to construct houses and shopping centres, stadiums and bridges.

Each year, millions of aluminium frames and doors are installed in new and old buildings. Durable, insulating, with a low compression and expansion ratio, they meet all modern requirements. Advanced technologies mean that solar batteries can be mounted into the frames, and it is expected that this energy-saving method will become popular in the future.

However, the application of aluminium in the construction industry not only opens opportunities for the future, but also helps to save the past. In recent years, aluminium has been increasingly applied as a main material in the restoration and reconstruction of historical buildings.

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The Shuffle-less Glazing Channels

Our new Shuffle-less Glazing System does away with the need for a longer leg head channel!

With an ingenious 2 part floor channel, glass panels are simply located into position without the need for vertical lifting. Neater minimal framing and ease of fixing are just two of the positive benefits from these recently introduced glazing channels.

The aluminium profiles are available, from stock in a white powder coated or satin anodised finish. The profile faces are protected, during the delivery and fixing phases, with a peelable film, which ensures a first class decorative appearance.

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