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Anodising aluminium for aesthetic and protective purposes

Before extolling the virtues of anodised aluminium let’s clarify the anodising process itself.

Anodising is an electrolytic process which has been established in the architectural sector for the past seventy years.

Aluminium naturally possesses an oxide film on its surface. This oxide film acts as a barrier to corrosion and is the one of the main reasons aluminium is considered a low maintenance and therefore cost effective metal.

During the anodising process, the natural oxide film present on the metal’s surface is thickened by an electrolytic treatment into a hard abrasion resistant finish.

Perforated aluminium in anodised finish
Perforated aluminium in anodised finish

The thickened aluminium surface has a number of advantageous properties as compared with aluminium in its raw state. These significant advantages include the development of a silky smooth satin finish and a surface which is also more resistant to knocks and scratches and general wear and tear.

The integral nature of the anodised finish ensures surface patterns and detailing can be preserved and also enhanced by reducing surface reflection.

You can view some impressive test results that compare the abrasion resistance of aluminium flat bar in the untreated and anodised conditions. The test results, carried out by CERAM Research, show the anodised aluminium flat bar being 4 times more resistant to surface marking than its mill finish counterpart.

At Gooding Aluminium you are able to order online from a wide stock range of anodised angle, anodised channel, anodised flat bar as well as anodised sheet and various other anodised profiles including stair nosings and wallboard trims.

We are also able to anodise other aluminium profiles, extrusions and sheets to match various project needs. Our team can also provide Perforated sheet in the anodised condition, to match your special order requirements.

Our high quality fabrication service manufactures a range of architectural aluminium components which can be anodised to meet your requirements. These specially fabricated items include balustrade panels, ceiling panels, column casings, radiator and vent covers, wall cladding and many others.

Gooding Aluminium are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium products including

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