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Call Us Today: 0208 692 2255

Our 5 Star Service brings together the entire GA stock range of contemporary aluminium materials, patterns, and products, with a high quality ‘made to measure’ fabrication facility.

The GA 5 Star Service fulfils the fundamental need for top quality light gauge aluminium materials, accurately and rapidly made into purpose made products, to suit your precise design and delivery requirements.

It’s so easy and convenient to order aluminium stock online from our extensive selection of aluminium and aluminium alloy extrusions and sheets.

You can discover many different perforated, plain, patterned and textured sheets, fixing profiles, mouldings, trims and general-purpose angles, channels, etc., to satisfy a wide variety of architectural, and general design applications.

Past Projects: Fabricated Ceiling Panels used at the Jewish Museum

Our modern 5 Star Processing Service accurately and rapidly fabricates architectural aluminium products to meet your precise requirements.

Some of our most popular items; Balustrade Panels, Column Casings, Suspended Ceiling Panels, Wall Panels etc, have been collated into easy to understand formats aided by useful checklists, clearly illustrated drawings and assembly/fitting videos.  Take a look at the following case study for an example of our aluminium ceiling panels in-situ.

Project Details

During the project, Gooding Aluminium were tasked with providing aluminium ceiling panels that could be used as screening to the air conditioning ducts, providing the essential environmental controls to the former piano-factory-turned-exhibition space.  The powder coated finished ceiling panels, combined with the lighting system, helped to establish the differences between areas throughout the Museum, but to also work with a family of fittings which support the idea that this is a single, new museum environment.

Download the full case study here:

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Fixing our Double Folded Aluminium Trays

These instructions tell you about installing GA Double Folded Trays with GA Ver T Fix Type BC1.

GA Fixing InstructionsGooding Aluminium Double Folded Trays must be installed by suitably qualified contractors with the required knowledge and expertise. Current standard construction methods must be used.

The installation contractor has the responsibility and duty to ensure proper safety so that during and after completion of the installation the double folded trays remain safely secured to the fixing surface. Before beginning installation also refer to GA Sitework Data Sheet for additional guidance on Off-loading, Site Storage and Installation.

Step 1: Carefully unpack the materials.

Step 2: Inspect the folded trays and the support nibs on the GA Ver T Fix panel hanging strips to ensure items are undamaged.

Step 3: Secure the Ver T Fix panel hanging strips to the fixing surface by using suitable screws/fixings (No.6 size supplied by others). It is important that fixings are secured through all of the pre-punched holes.

Step 4: Offer the folded tray panel up to the Ver T Fix hanging strips and locate into position.

Double Folded Trays supplied by Gooding Aluminium are not intended to have electrical wiring installed. Where this is a requirement the specifier and installer should ensure that all Regulations have been complied with and in particular that consideration has been given to the CENELEC HD 384 series of documents. (CENELEC HD 384 Series: Electrical Safety in Buildings (20 Parts)).

If there is anything you do not understand or if you want to know more about this item, please contact GA.

For further information about Gooding Aluminium Double Folded trays, click here.

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Gooding Aluminium – Making a difference and being different.

Gooding Aluminium have always believed in making a difference and being different.

Gooding Aluminium

Our Company stands for providing best value by providing the very highest standards of customer service linked with technically advanced production and processing methods.

We have always believed in putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, to ensure wherever possible, that our products, services and media, both meet and exceed customer expectations.

What separates us from the rest?

Excellent service means putting your needs first. Our helpful and knowledgeable Project Managers can guide you through the aluminium specification and or ordering process, handling your enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Our work at Gooding Aluminium can range from the immediate online supply of aluminium extrusions, profiles and sheets through to the fabrication and surface finishing of architectural aluminium components.

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