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Our 5 Star Service brings together the entire GA stock range of contemporary aluminium materials, patterns, and products, with a high quality ‘made to measure’ fabrication facility.

The GA 5 Star Service fulfils the fundamental need for top quality light gauge aluminium materials, accurately and rapidly made into purpose made products, to suit your precise design and delivery requirements.

It’s so easy and convenient to order aluminium stock online from our extensive selection of aluminium and aluminium alloy extrusions and sheets.

You can discover many different perforated, plain, patterned and textured sheets, fixing profiles, mouldings, trims and general-purpose angles, channels, etc., to satisfy a wide variety of architectural, and general design applications.

Corrugated Aluminium Sheet – Case Study – Burger King

Project: Burger King 20/20 Energy Efficient Restaurants

Location: Worldwide Burger King Restaurants

Product: GA Anolight (Aluminium) Corrugated Sheets

Specifier: Hurstwood Design Group

Client: Burger King

Project Brief

A core objective of the Burger King 20/20 Energy Efficient Restaurant concept was to create a contemporary, edgy, futuristic look for the Burger King restaurant dining experience.  The eco-friendly designs utilise state-of-the-art technologies and renewable energy to power one-third of the restaurant’s energy consumption, in an effort to reduce energy consumption costs and CO2 emissions every year.

corrugated aluminium sheet
Anolight Aluminium Corrugated Sheet – Burger King

Gooding Aluminium’s GA anolight corrugated aluminium sheet plays an integral role in supporting Burger King’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility programme: creating modern design that meets energy efficient elements.

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Gooding Aluminium Trade Catalogue – Request a copy today!

Original Solutions in Aluminium is our 64 page catalogue packed with ‘ready to dispatch’ aluminium profiles and sheet materials as well as detailing many ‘made to order’ items including suspended ceiling panels, column casings, wall claddings etc.

Gooding Aluminium Trade Catalogue

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Order Made To Order Aluminium Products

Easy to specify packages with design flexibility:

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Transformational Aluminium Sheet

Theres no blurring around the edges and corners with GAs stunningly different Transformational range of sharp relief geometric aluminium sheet patterns.

These new leading edge Transformational aluminium sheet designs are excitingly inventive and positively mood setting with their distinctive and clearly cut forms.

Transformational aluminium sheetTransformational aluminiumTransformational aluminium sheet


‘We use your aluminium products in fitness clubs and find your service second to none’

Mark Coleman, Admiral Construction Services

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Aluminium: Performance Enhancing Alloys

Even the briefest of Google searches for ‘advantages of aluminium’ will present a plethora of statements extolling the virtues of aluminium. Among its many attributes are said to be its lightness, strength, flexibility, durability and corrosion resistance. At first sighting the uninitiated may be forgiven for asking, ‘how can this be?’ How is it possible that one metal can possess all of these qualities?

The good news is all of these ‘wish list’ properties can be accurately attributed to aluminium, or rather aluminium alloy. The key word here is ‘alloy’. Alloys are the other metals that are added to aluminium, in relatively small amounts, to produce the required performance characteristics (along with post-production processes that include cold working, heat treatment, etc.). It is a combination of these factors that mark aluminium alloys out as such truly versatile materials.

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To fully appreciate the performance enhancing benefits of alloying aluminium let’s consider Aluminium in its pure state. Unalloyed aluminium has a yield stress (the stress at which a material begins to deform plastically) of around 7-10MPa. The range of aluminium alloys, normally used within the architectural industry, usually produce somewhere in the region of 100-200MPa. without necessarily being a graduate engineer you get the drift! The addition of alloy to aluminium is performance enhancing and could be equated with an athlete consuming chemical supplements to build muscle mass, but with only desirable side effects.

It should be understood that the mechanical properties of a particular aluminium alloy will vary considerably dependent on the form type, be it an aluminium extrusion, sheet, casting etc., in addition to the amount of work hardening, heat and solution treatment, applied post production.

For instance let’s take a look at specification 6063 (a commonly used extruded architectural alloy) to see how beneficial the addition of small quantities of alloy are. This alloy grade (when heated) is sufficiently plastic to allow for the production of small intricate profile shapes and after cooling, for subsequent cold working techniques to be carried out e.g. rolling into curves and rings. At the same time this aluminium alloy is strong and rigid enough to be selected as suitable for panel hanging systems. Independent tests have demonstrated the interlocking profiles (illustrated below) to be capable of suspending the equivalent weight of a small car! As an added bonus, 6063 alloy is also a suitable grade for the anodising process.

GA WP1 Panel Fixing Profile
GA WP1 Panel Fixing Profile

Image: GA WP1 Panel Fixing Profile

Details on aluminium properties and its alloys can be obtained from the Aluminium Federation.

In relation to our materials and products is there any specific performance data you would like us to publish for future reference?

Gooding Aluminium are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium channels, stair nosings and aluminium angle. For more information about bespoke or ready made aluminium products, subscribe by RSS, or by Email or visit our main site at

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Patterned Aluminium Sheet: Resistance to Surface Marking

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It is widely accepted that surface patterns and textures assist in disguising minor surface abrasions such as indentations, scratches and other undesirable markings.

With plain surfaces it seems that no matter how large the area and how small the damage, the eye will register the offending mark and return to the exact same spot time and time again. How annoying is that first scratch on the newly acquired glass table!

Patterned Aluminium Sheet
Fitness First Leisure Centre

Fortunately there is a wide range of patterned aluminium sheet that help to conceal undesirable surface markings.

However the question of surface marking is highly subjective, with ‘beauty being in the eye of the beholder’ etc. I therefore decided to commission some independent testing to establish a scientific basis for these claims. Ceram Research carried out the laboratory analysis on our behalf.

Full test results for this research will be uploaded onto our website in due course. In the meantime I would like to share a sample of these findings with you.

Vertex (VXM) Mill Finish
Vertex (VXM) Mill Finish

GA Vertex sheet (a small pyramidal pattern) was tested in both mill and anodised finishes and was compared with a reference sample of plain mill finish sheet.

Briefly, the test method involved using P40 grade (rough grit) emery paper and this was attached to lead weights and a mechanical device pulled the emery paper along the aluminium surfaces.

Only 1 pass of the emery paper was required to produce a noticeable difference to the surface of the plain mill finish sheet. Significantly a minimum of 40 passes were required in both mill and anodised finishes of the Vertex pattern to produce a similar effect.

Vertex (VXS21) Anodised Finish
Vertex (VXS21) Anodised Finish

In culinary terms ‘the proof is in the eating’ and in metallic terms ‘the proof is in the testing’. Ceram’s testing has established beyond reasonable doubt just how effective aluminium patterns and textures can be in disguising surface damage.

Gooding Aluminium are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality perforated sheet, stair nosings, aluminium angle and aluminium channels. For more information about bespoke or ready made aluminium products, subscribe to our blog or visit our main site at

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