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Call Us Today: 0208 692 2255

Our 5 Star Service brings together the entire GA stock range of contemporary aluminium materials, patterns, and products, with a high quality ‘made to measure’ fabrication facility.

The GA 5 Star Service fulfils the fundamental need for top quality light gauge aluminium materials, accurately and rapidly made into purpose made products, to suit your precise design and delivery requirements.

It’s so easy and convenient to order aluminium stock online from our extensive selection of aluminium and aluminium alloy extrusions and sheets.

You can discover many different perforated, plain, patterned and textured sheets, fixing profiles, mouldings, trims and general-purpose angles, channels, etc., to satisfy a wide variety of architectural, and general design applications.

Aluminium in Construction – The perfect material

A building is rarely constructed, completed or refurbished without the use of aluminium these days, 20% of the world’s aluminium is used in the construction industry. The main reason for this is, because the physical properties of this metal make it the perfect low maintenance material for buildings.

Aluminium in Construction

Aluminium is a light weigh material, which means that the load on the bearing of any structure us less, and the strength makes it suitable for a variety of solutions. Its resistance to corrosion gives it the advantage of perfect use within regions exposed to severe weather. A vital reason for the use of aluminium is because its fluidity gives freedom to architects and designers.

Aluminium is becoming increasingly used in the construction industry. It is used to produce ceilings and walls, window frames, blinds, doors, stairs, roof covers, wall panel’s partitions, HVAC systems and to construct houses and shopping centres, stadiums and bridges.

Each year, millions of aluminium frames and doors are installed in new and old buildings. Durable, insulating, with a low compression and expansion ratio, they meet all modern requirements. Advanced technologies mean that solar batteries can be mounted into the frames, and it is expected that this energy-saving method will become popular in the future.

However, the application of aluminium in the construction industry not only opens opportunities for the future, but also helps to save the past. In recent years, aluminium has been increasingly applied as a main material in the restoration and reconstruction of historical buildings.

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Aluminium Ceiling Panels & Trays to meet your precise specification

Our modern 5 Star Processing Service accurately and rapidly fabricates Aluminium Ceiling Panels & Trays to meet your precise specification.

For your preferred pattern choose from our diverse range of perforated sheets in mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

Our suspended ceiling panels carry the CE Mark to BS EN 13964

Have a look at our case study of Oxford Kitchens below to see how they made use of our ceiling panels for their showroom:

oxford_56_297_293 oxford_57_297_293 oxford_58_297_293








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Suspended Ceiling Panels – Heathrow Airport

We have a wonderfully varied range of high quality aluminium sheet products available for your selection.

These rolled products include; Flat Aluminium Sheet (including anodised, mill and satin brushed); Perforated Aluminium Sheet; Pressed Aluminium Sheet; Textured/Tread Plate and Corrugated Aluminium Sheet.

Our modern 5 Star Processing Service accurately and rapidly fabricates Aluminium Suspended Ceiling Panels & Trays to meet your precise specification.

For your preferred pattern choose from our diverse range of perforated sheets in mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

Single slot, perforated aluminium was used at Heathrow Airport (Terminal 4) – take a look at the images below:

Ceiling Trays


Premium Stair Nosings for New Look Clothing Chain

Gooding Aluminium has recently supplied a British global fashion retailer with Premium Stair Tread

Stair treads

Gooding Aluminium has been specified to provide the British retailer with stair nosings for a number of their high street stores in the UK.

We have completed projects in three stores so far and are looking forward to supplying our Premium Stair treads with Super Grip Treads for further projects in the future.

Our premium stair nosings are elegant and hard wearing; this particular product is for interior applications.

These ‘invisibly fixed’ pre-drilled stair nosings are beautifully finished in silver anodised aluminium. Clients are able to choose from 3 anodised insert finishes and these are; silver, Anolok blue/grey and Anolok black.

With these original and all aluminium contemporary stair nosings there is a selection of back edge options, these can be combined with hard and soft flooring surfaces of different thicknesses.

Stair treads

Features – Benefits

  • Ridged tread design – Added slip resistance
  • Treads in 3 colours – Options for contrasting effects
  • Fluted pattern – classic linear look
  • Invisibly secured – No visible fixings
  • Pre drilled csk. holes – Time saving
  • Self-adhesive tread inserts – Easy mess free fixing
  • Surface finished – Ready to use
  • Satin anodised – high quality finish
  • Choice of back-edges – Suitable for different flooring types
  • Aluminium alloy – Harder wearing
  • 3.1 metre stock lengths – Easy transportation
  • In stock – Immediate availability
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#Architects are you looking for Stylish practicality?

Architects can make a big difference by stepping onto a new level with GA’s high performance Step-Up Stair Trims.

Stair trims

These durable and yet lightweight stair trims are easy to handle and fit. Making the finished appearance that much more professional are GA’s unique press-fit tread inserts, free from visible fixings.

Flexibility is the name of the game with Step-Up’s selection of back-edge options that successfully combine with both hard and soft flooring finishes. These elegant trims can be effortlessly incorporated into both new build and refurbishment projects.

It’s good to know that GA’s Exclusively Aluminium Step-Up Stair Trims are available from stock and therefore ready for immediate dispatch. What more could you want!

stair trims Features – Benefits

• Press-Fit treads – Easy installation

• ‘Invisibly’ secured – No visible fixings

• Choice of back-edges – Suitable for different floorings

• Lipped recess design – Allows for thermal expansion

• Aluminium alloy – Harder wearing

• Original design – New look

• Pre-cut and drilled option – Time saving

• In stock – Immediate dispatch

• Supplied as single lengths – No minimum quantity

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