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Welcome to our fantastic stock collection of perforated aluminium sheet with various hole patterns, shapes and sizes!

Clicking on one of the images below will take you through to the relevant product details for your selected hole size.

perforated sheet 3mm hole perforated sheet 6.3mm hole perforated sheet 10mm hole
perforated sheet 12.7mm hole perforated sheet 15mm hole perforated sheet 19mm hole

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We have a wonderfully varied range of high quality aluminium sheet products available for your selection.

These rolled products include; Flat Aluminium Sheet (including anodised, mill and satin brushed); Perforated Aluminium Sheet; Pressed Aluminium Sheet; Textured/Tread Plate and Corrugated Aluminium.

For more information about our perforated aluminium products, take a look at the following presentation.

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Project Overview

Perforated Aluminium in tune with expanding Jewish Museum Gooding Aluminium’s perforated aluminium ceiling panels played a key role in the stunning £10million transformation of the Jewish Museum in London. The aluminium ceiling trays helped created a seamless effect to this high standard design project.

Download the case study to find out more about the project:

We are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium products including

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You might like to know that we are able to produce specially sized and shaped perforated panels with plain borders. These items can also be processed to anodised, powder coated and satin brushed finishes. Please contact us with your requirements.

Standard stock sizes of perforated aluminium sheet can be ordered today for prompt dispatch.

The following product was used to create aluminium ceiling panels at AllGood Gallery in London:

Hole size 10.0mm sq. Open Area 44% (Click the image for more detail)
Product code: GA PS1622
Panel Size: 2000 x 1000 Thickness: 2mm
Finish: Mill
Hole Diameter: 10 mm

Aluminium ceiling panels in AllGood Gallery in London:

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