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Call Us Today: 0208 692 2255

Suspended Ceiling Panels in Cafes & Restaurants – University of Northumbria Cafe

Gooding Aluminium has a 5 Star Processing Service that accurately and rapidly fabricates Aluminium Suspended Ceiling Panels to meet your precise specification.

We offer a diverse range of aluminium sheets in anodised, mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

Getting a quote for Aluminium Suspended Ceiling Panels is so easy!

Gooding Aluminium offer a range of components to choose from:

Gooding Aluminium’s Suspended Ceiling Panels were used in the University of Northumbria’s Cafe:

suspended ceilings suspended ceilings

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Suspended Ceilings: Bespoke Designs

Suspended ceilings are one of the most important elements for the modern building.

Long gone are the days of unimaginative metal grids and granulated board tiles!

Answering the needs of today’s fast moving contracts environment, our modern 5 Star Processing Service accurately and rapidly fabricates a range of suspended aluminium ceilings to high quality professional standards.

Suspended Ceiling:Workington Library

We specialise in producing exciting suspended ceilings with perforated aluminium sheets formed into wavy, radial, angular and rectangular formats. These shapes have been collated into easy to specify ‘packages’ aided by useful checklists, clearly illustrated drawings and assembly instructions.

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