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Aluminium sheet used at Tiger Tiger Bar and Restaurant

Tiger Tiger in Croydon is part of a national bar/restaurant chain. It has recently been refurbished to a high quality specification that includes the infamous VIP White Room.

The White Room, designed to give visitors the ‘ultimate clubbing experience’, now benefits from Gooding Aluminium’s Vertex pattern surface protection aluminium sheets surrounding the floor to ceiling columns situated around the dance floor and bar areas.

Have a look at the presentation below for further information on the project:


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Gooding Aluminium launch Aluminium Specifiers’ Survey

Gooding Aluminium regularly receive valuable feedback from those that have used our Aluminium products as part of a project. These contributions allow GA to gauge customer satisfaction and to continually strive to deliver a service that really is second to none.

To capture feedback from those that have specified products from the range, GA recently launched a 60 second survey which can be found here. Gooding Aluminium welcomes feedback from customers and specifiers, all of which is used to maintain our excellent service. To take the brief survey, please click here.

The Gooding Aluminium ethos is to offer best value by providing the very highest standards of customer service linked with technically advanced production and processing methods. The range is extremely diverse and can be used for a multitude of applications. Examples of the GA products in situ can be seen within the range of case studies and project gallery.

These projects include variations of Aluminium Profiles, Aluminium Sheet, Aluminium Extrusions and bespoke aluminium products that have been specifically made to order.

Gooding Aluminium are keen to demonstrate the many adaptations where the GA range has been used innovatively. If you have previously specified Gooding’s Aluminium products and would like to showcase the project in the form of a case study, please contact the team and feel free to leave your feedback here.

The Gooding Aluminium Team

Gooding Aluminium are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium sheets, aluminium profiles and aluminium extrusions with a range of finishes. For more information about bespoke or ready made aluminium products, subscribe by RSS, or by Email or visit our main site at

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Aluminium Mill Finish: A Finish or Not?

Ever heard the expression ‘We tend to receive what we expect’? Well this sentiment doesn’t always apply when mill finish aluminium is being considered.

In Google terminology it is a generally accepted ‘knol’ (unit of knowledge) that aluminium is a long lasting lightweight metal with minimal on-going maintenance requirements.

There are many different surface finishes that can be applied to enhance the appearance of aluminium; anodising, powder coating and satin brushing are just three examples. However mill finish aluminium is not one of them! Mill finish is not an applied finish but simply untreated aluminium.

For whatever reasons some names just stick; Escalator for moving stairway; JCB for excavator etc., and mill finish for unfinished aluminium. This term often raises expectations and mistakenly leads the unwary into expecting an immaculate surface finish. So let’s attempt to close the knol gap when it comes to the appearance of mill finish aluminium.

For those with the time and inclination to study this issue in detail the Aluminum Association of America publish booklets detailing numerous examples of aluminium’s surface finish attributes. However for a brief overview please read on.

Aluminium Mill Finish
Aluminium Mill Finish

Once the extrusion or rolling mill has manufactured the aluminium into the desired shape and size the material is said to be in the mill finish condition.

So what are the visual characteristics of untreated aluminium? Extruding aluminium, as opposed to rolling sheet, produces differing surface finish effects so let’s consider them separately.

Aluminium Extrusion
Aluminium Extrusions

Aluminium extrusions are produced by either pushing or pulling the material (in a heated/softened state) through a hardened steel die. This process produces both simple geometric shapes (aluminium angle, channels, etc.,) and the more complex ‘purpose made’ designs. All of these forms normally display longitudinal lines of varying width, texture and tone. Various surface abrasions may also be apparent. The standard architectual grade (6063) is normally quite shiny and this tends to highlight such features.

Despite these factors there are many instances where mill finish is successfully incorporated into a large number of projects (both seen and unseen). It is usually only when surfaces are going to be viewed at close quarters, either in aesthetically demanding situations or in particulary ‘aggressive’ atmospheres , that this industrial finish benefits from a finishing operation of some kind.

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