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Perforated Aluminium Ceiling Panels in Leisure – Hackney Marshes Changing Rooms

Gooding Aluminium has a 5 Star Processing Service that accurately and rapidly fabricates Aluminium Suspended Ceiling Panels to meet your precise specification.

We offer a diverse range of aluminium sheets in anodised, mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

Getting a quote for Aluminium Suspended Ceiling Panels is so easy!

Gooding Aluminium offer a range of components to choose from:

Gooding Aluminium’s perforated aluminium ceiling panels were used in the Hackney Marshes Changing Rooms (East London):

Suspended Ceilings Suspended Ceilings

Read our case study on Hackney Marshes here:

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Perforated Aluminium Sheets in Bars/Nightclubs – Time Envy Nightclub

Gooding Aluminium offer a fantastic stock collection of perforated aluminium hole patterns, shapes and sizes!

There are many benefits of using our perforated sheets including;

  • Cleanliness – We only use naturally evaporating lubricants to assist with the perforating process.
  • Edge Detail – Our standard stock size panels are always supplied with an unpunched ‘safe edge’ border.
  • Flatness – Our technologically advanced production methods minimise surface curl in perforated sheets which helps to produce commercially and visually acceptable degrees of flatness.
  • Missing/Imperfect Hole Shapes – We only supply perforated aluminium sheets with 100% hole pattern conformity.
  • Surface Protection – We apply protective polythene film on the top face side to help protect from the rigours of the perforating process.

There are 7 hole shapes for you to chose from:

  1. Round Holes
  2. Square Holes
  3. Single Slots
  4. 5 Slots
  5. Elliptic Holes, Staggered
  6. Hexagonal Holes, Staggered
  7. Special Patterns

Round hole, staggered pitch perforated aluminium sheets were used at Time Envy Nightclub, Northampton:

Perforated Sheet Perforated Sheet

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Aluminium Reception Desk Fascias

Our modern 5 Star Processing Service accurately and rapidly fabricates Aluminium Reception Desk Fascias to meet your precise specification.

Choose from our diverse range of aluminium sheets that can be supplied in anodised, mill, satin brush or powder coated finishes.

Reception Desk FasciasReception Desk FasicasAluminium is incredible stuff! It is a unique metal with a positive image that naturally appeals to the professional specifier and installer. This incredibly versatile material, when combined with its alloys, can be folded, formed, machined or worked using a wide range of processes. Thanks to these excellent material properties, aluminium has become widely used within an extensive variety of architectural and related applications.

The many desirable design properties of aluminium alloy, including its lightweight to strength ratio, makes the material suitable for a varied selection of interior and external applications. To fully assist in the decision making processes it is clearly essential that valuable insight is gained into aluminium’s’ functionality and other performance criteria. Significant advances have also been made in recent years with processing technologies, thereby increasing expectations of improved products and surface finishes at lower cost.

Gooding Aluminium are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium products including

For more information about aluminium products, visit our main site at

For guidance on installing Gooding Aluminium reception desk fascias, watch our brief video below:

Wall Cladding for Commercial Interiors

Aluminium wall cladding is fast becoming a design staple of contemporary commercial interiors.

Interior architects and designers are using wall cladding systems in exciting and innovative ways be they in perforated, flat or patterned designs.

Interior Wall Cladding: Perforated Sheet
Interior Wall Cladding: Perforated Sheet

Aluminium as a constructional metal fits in well with today’s requirements of sustainable high performance design and technologically efficient materials. There aren’t many alternatives that can compete with aluminium’s long list of desirable qualities. These positive characteristics include being aesthetically pleasing, durable, hygienic, lightweight, low maintenance and 100% recyclable.

Interior Wall Cladding: Perforated Sheet (BP Norge)
Interior Wall Cladding: Perforated Sheet (BP Norge)

Gooding Aluminium’s wall cladding systems are frequently the answer to a number of problems that occur with refurbishment projects. For example existing partitions and walls that are coming to the end of their decorative service life can be concealed behind attractive lightweight aluminium ‘secret -fix’ cladding. This is a cost effective and easy-fit solution to such issues.

For new build projects the integration of an interior cladding system into a building’s design allows less expensive and quicker construction methods and materials to be used for the core structure.

There are 5 alternative secret fixing methods and styles to suit every internal application.  Detailed test results are available online to support the decision making process.

Interior Wall Cladding: Perforated Sheet (BP Norge)
Interior Wall Cladding: Perforated Sheet (BP Norge)

Where acoustic control is a requirement you can select from an extensive range of perforated sheet patterns. By combining perforations with sound absorbing material (this sits within the tray shaped design of the GA Ver-T-Fix system) effective acoustic control can be achieved.

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Perforated Sheet in Bar Design

Perforated sheet aluminium is incorporated into some of the most exciting, contemporary and cutting edge nightclub and bar designs.

Cool, funky, futuristic, chic, minimalist, cosmopolitan, are all adjectives that creatively describe the appealing visual qualities of perforated aluminium.

Perforated Sheet In Bars
Perforated Sheet: Column Casing – ME2 Nightclub

You can select from our comprehensive selection of perforated sheet patterns to satisfy every conceivable bar and nightclub theme. These designs are available punched in many configurations, encompassing round, square, or hexagonal holes, slots, or special ornamental shapes. To increase design choice many of these patterns are available with different percentage open areas ranging from 6 to 55%.

This incredibly versatile metal can be folded, formed, machined or worked using a wide range of processes. Thanks to these excellent material properties, perforated aluminium has become widely used within an extensive number of entertainment and leisure related applications.

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