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Call Us Today: 0208 692 2255

Aluminium Fabricated Casings & Panels

Our modern 5 Star Processing Service accurately and rapidly fabricates architectural aluminium products to meet your precise requirements.

Some of our most popular items; Balustrade Panels, Column Casings, Suspended Ceiling Trays, Wall Panels etc., have been collated into easy to understand formats aided by useful checklists, clearly illustrated drawings and assembly/fitting videos.

See the presentation below for more information:

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Gooding Aluminium launch Aluminium Specifiers’ Survey

Gooding Aluminium regularly receive valuable feedback from those that have used our Aluminium products as part of a project. These contributions allow GA to gauge customer satisfaction and to continually strive to deliver a service that really is second to none.

To capture feedback from those that have specified products from the range, GA recently launched a 60 second survey which can be found here. Gooding Aluminium welcomes feedback from customers and specifiers, all of which is used to maintain our excellent service. To take the brief survey, please click here.

The Gooding Aluminium ethos is to offer best value by providing the very highest standards of customer service linked with technically advanced production and processing methods. The range is extremely diverse and can be used for a multitude of applications. Examples of the GA products in situ can be seen within the range of case studies and project gallery.

These projects include variations of Aluminium Profiles, Aluminium Sheet, Aluminium Extrusions and bespoke aluminium products that have been specifically made to order.

Gooding Aluminium are keen to demonstrate the many adaptations where the GA range has been used innovatively. If you have previously specified Gooding’s Aluminium products and would like to showcase the project in the form of a case study, please contact the team and feel free to leave your feedback here.

The Gooding Aluminium Team

Gooding Aluminium are a national and international supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium sheets, aluminium profiles and aluminium extrusions with a range of finishes. For more information about bespoke or ready made aluminium products, subscribe by RSS, or by Email or visit our main site at

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Gooding Aluminium – Case Study – Burger King

Project: Burger King 20/20 Energy Efficient Restaurants

Location: Worldwide Burger King Restaurants

Product: GA Anolight (Aluminium) Corrugated Sheets

Specifier: Hurstwood Design Group

Client: Burger King

Project Brief

A core objective of the Burger King 20/20 Energy Efficient Restaurant concept was to create a contemporary, edgy, futuristic look for the Burger King restaurant dining experience.  The eco-friendly designs utilise state-of-the-art technologies and renewable energy to power one-third of the restaurant’s energy consumption, in an effort to reduce energy consumption costs and CO2 emissions every year.

Anolight Aluminium Corrugated Sheet
Anolight Aluminium Corrugated Sheet - Burger King

Gooding Aluminium’s GA anolight aluminium corrugated sheets play an integral role in supporting Burger King’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility programme: creating modern design that meets energy efficient elements.

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Gooding Aluminium – Case Study – London Festival of Architecture

London Festival of Architecture use Super lightweight aluminium treadplates, making Duke of York Steps accessible for all.

The project brief was to make the historic site of the Duke of York Steps (running between The Mall and Waterloo Place near Lower Regent Street) accessible for all. Previously, the steps were completely inaccessible to wheel chair users. Gooding Aluminium’s super lightweight aluminium treadplates (GA HGP1601) were the perfect partner for this weight sensitive and innovative project.

Project: Zero-Energy Lift Tower

(partly sponsored by Gooding Aluminium)

Event: London Festival of Architecture 2010

Location: Duke of York Steps, St James’s

Park, London SW1

Product: GA HGP1601 Aluminium Treadplate

Architect/Designer: Matthew Lloyd Architects

Client: The Royal Parks

The core objective was to facilitate the passage of a person in a wheelchair or mobility scooter up and down the steps using dignified and independent means without connecting to mains electricity. This installation has become one of the key highlights of the West End focus for the London Festival of Architecture 2010 and there is future development planned for a more permanent solution for the London Olympics in 2012.

Project Solutions

Gooding Aluminium’s workshop fabricated the slip resistant alloy material into folded trays for use as flooring plates on the access ramp and lift floor. Aluminium is perfect for incorporating into weight sensitive applications, such as this one. Aluminium is only 1/3rd the weight of steel.

Aluminium’s surface has a self generating and repairing oxide coating which makes it corrosion resistant and therefore less expensive to maintain than steel and other corrodible metals.

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Aluminium Angle products

One of the many aluminium products available from Gooding Aluminium is the Aluminium Angle. Our aluminium angle is stocked in 4m lengths. Aluminium angle is available from stock in both anodised and mill finish. You can order aluminium angle online today for prompt dispatch.

Aluminium Angle (Equal)Testimonial:

‘Thank you for your excellent service and I look forward
to doing business with you again in the very near future.’

Craig McClymont of The Highland Council

Aluminium Samples

Here at Gooding Aluminium, we know that sampling assists with the decision making process when it comes to purchasing bespoke and ready made aluminium products. That’s why we offer free samples to all our online customers.

Simply visit our website and browse our online aluminium products store, and take advantage of our free service by selecting the ‘get samples’ icon as you view the aluminium product listings.

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