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Call Us Today: 0208 692 2255

Aluminium Stair Nosing/Treads

Gooding Aluminium is a national and international supplier of respected aluminium sheets, aluminium profiles and ‘made to order’ aluminium products with ‘invisible fixing solutions’.

Gooding Aluminium provide stair treads that are both visually appealing and slip resistant, they are able to provide a comprehensive selection of different design options for stair treads/stair nosings.

GA’s ‘Step-Up Stair Trims’ and their new ‘Premium’ range are ‘invisibly fixed’ all aluminium stair treads with alternative tread designs and come with different ‘back edge’ details to suit different types of stair covering.

Premium Stair Nosings with Super Grip Treads

Elegant and hard wearing these ‘invisibly fixed’ stair treads are beautifully finished in anodised aluminium. You can select from 3 anodised insert finishes for these stair treads, these are; silver, Anolok blue/grey and Anolok black.

Step-Up Stair Nosings with Press-Fit Treads

These durable and yet lightweight aluminium stair treads are easy to handle and fit. Making the finished appearance that much more professional are GA’s unique press-fit aluminium stair treads, free from visible fixings.

Single Piece Economy Stair Nosings/Treads

Our very popular Single Piece ‘Economy’ Aluminium Stair treads are available from stock and perform as a practical and durable range of aluminium stair nosings and stair tread extensions.

These high quality extruded aluminium profiles are supplied, with a classically linear tread surface, in 4 metre stock lengths.

For further details on these excitingly different stair nosings/treads contact the Gooding Aluminium team on 0208 692 2255 or visit our website

It’s good to know that these aluminium stair treads are available from stock, and can be ordered online today for prompt dispatch. What more could you want!

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