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April 8, 2016 @ 2:54 pm
posted by Gooding Aluminium

These instructions tell you about installing GA Column Casing Type CC1.

Please read these instructions before using this product. If there is anything you do not understand or if you want to know more about this item, please contact GA.

GA column casings must be installed by suitably qualified contractors with the required knowledge and expertise. Current standard construction methods must be used. The contractor has the responsibility and duty to ensure proper safety so that during and after completion of the installation the column casing remains firmly fixed in situ.

Before beginning installation also refer to GA Sitework Data Sheet for guidance on Off-loading, Site Storage and Installation.

Column Casings

Download the instructions here.

Step 1: Carefully unpack the column casing panels.
Step 2: Inspect the column casing panels to ensure these are undamaged.
Step 3: Position and fit continuous fixing brackets ‘A’ to the existing structure (fixings supplied by others).
Step 4: Position pre-drilled flange ‘B’ over non-drilled flange ‘C’ and offer both panels up to continuous bracket ‘A’. Using the pre-drilled holes as a guide, drill 3mm dia. pilot holes.
Step 5: Screw-fix the column casing to the continuous brackets ‘A’ using the provided csk. self tapping screws ‘D’.
Step 6: Bond the optional cover fillet ‘E’ into position with a suitable cartridge adhesive (supplied by others).

NB GA Column Casings supplied by Gooding Aluminium are not intended to have electrical wiring installed.

Where this is a requirement the specifier and installer should ensure that all Regulations have been complied with and in particular that consideration has been given to the CENELEC HD 384 series of documents.

(CENELEC HD 384 Series: Electrical Safety in
Buildings (20 Parts))
Issue 1:5/08

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