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October 23, 2014 @ 10:43 am
posted by Gooding Aluminium

Its good to know that you can have the best of both worlds with GAs Performance Series 5000 Aluminium Louvres. Delivering outstanding good looks with service longevity these custom made cool performers certainly line up with the highest expectations.


Always with an eye on the bottom line, greater cost savings are achieved with GAs advanced production methods. Providing for set blade spacing these techniques bring all the benefits of large scale production on quantities as small as one off.

Features – Benefits

  • Extruded aluminium profiles – Added blade rigidity
  • Set blade spacing – Significant cost savings
  • Angled edges – Clean lines and good detailing
  • Thickened profile flanges – Tough, durable, long lasting
  • Framed or frameless – Different fixing options
  • High quality alloy – Suitable for anodising
  • Straights and curves – Greater installation flexibility
  • Round & triangular shapes – Fit almost any size opening
  • Invisible jointing of frameless panels – ‘Continuous’ runs
  • Optional rear fixed mesh – Insect protection

GA Performance Series 5000 Alloy Louvre Panels

Click here for GA Performance Series 5000 Alloy Louvre Panels Size calculator:
How to calculate panel sizes:

(or the GA Team can do this for you!)

  • Structural opening:
  • Height: – Select louvre type – B + (2 x D) + 4mm + (any multiple of C)
  • Width: Any dimension in 1mm increments
  • O/a frame: – 2 x H added to the above structural opening dimensions

Find out more about sizing here.

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