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September 30, 2011 @ 8:33 am
posted by Gooding Aluminium

When it comes to the framing of aluminium sheet / panels it’s very much a case of choosing ‘horses for courses’.

Gooding Aluminium has developed high quality framing solutions to suit a variety of interior projects. Face fixed and ‘secretly fixed’ options are available.

Perforated Sheet: Posi-Grip I.A. Framing

Perforated Sheet: Posi-Grip I.A. Framing

GA Posi-Grip is a two part extruded framing system with the inherent advantage of dry-mitre corner joints. Internal cleats tightly hold the corners together, avoiding the need for welding or chemical bonding.

Decorative / protective anodised finishes can be successfully applied to the internally cleated and therefore weld-free corners of this technically advanced framing system.

Aluminium Framing: GA Posi-Grip ‘Instant Access’

Aluminium Framing: GA Posi-Grip ‘Instant Access’

The outer frame is manufactured as one single profile; providing both strength and rigidity to the overall structure. The inner ‘snap-in’ section tightly grips the aluminium panel, thereby reducing the possibility of panel flexing. The inner section is available with alternative gap widths to suit 1.2 & 2mm thickness material.

With all the positive advantages of GA Posi-Grip, our ‘Instant Access’ version also provides for service access with the easy removal of ‘secretly fixed’ panels. The absence of visible fixings offers the combined benefits of improved aesthetics and added security.

Perforated Sheet: Posi-Grip I.A. Framing

Perforated Sheet: Posi-Grip I.A. Framing

Incorporating high quality stainless steel and nylon fixtures, this easily installed pressure engagement system is a stylish and effective solution to a wide range of panel framing requirements including those with curved surfaces.

To allow for maximum lateral adjustment during installation, stainless steel studs fitted into the reverse side of the frame are aligned through a continuous slotted opening. Nylon friction bushes set into the substrate securely grip the metal studs as the frame is located into position.

The panels can be removed by gently levering the frame away from the fixing surface with a flat ended tool.

Independent test results show GA Posi-Grip Instant Access performance levels comfortably exceeding any internal air pressures that are likely to be encountered in buildings.

By visiting you can select the ideal panel material from a mind boggling range of perforated sheet patterns, as well as, plain, brushed, patterned and textured designs.

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